Concept & Features


The Concept

Netrunner is built on Kubuntu->Ubuntu->Debian core.
This allows Netrunner to inherit the work that the respective communities already put in.
With Blue System sponsoring developers from Kubuntu and KDE, we concentrate on developing the KDE Desktop Workspace further and are able to bring new parts into Netrunner early on.
Our main goal is to make the desktop feel snappy, sharp and robust.
We want to give you, the user the feeling again, that you actually _own your computer_, that you’re in control and have the freedom to make it work any way you want it.

The Features

– Netrunner Desktop Containment (clean folderview, hidden plus/minus overlays)
– Improved KWin performance, so full transparency fx work on most lower end machines
– Automatic KWallet Active
– Hot-Corner in lower right
– Simplified System Settings
– Alsa instead of Pulseaudio for best stability/performance (intel hda)
– Firefox with Mozilla App-Store

– STEAM Client: available for easy install
– Virtualbox + Dosbox installed

The System

Before you get to the Netrunner desktop, you will go through the boot and login process.
Enigma includes a new Plymouth startup animation and a new Login Theme for LightDM.

The Netrunner Desktop


Desktop and Window Themes

For the Window Themeing, we are taking full advantage of the new KWin Aurorae3 Engine, which allows full transparency/fx even on lower end netbooks.
There are several themes included to choose from, both Window Decorations and Plasma Desktop Themes.


While the default Menu in Netrunner is still “Classic”, Homerun 1.0 comes pre-installed.
It also works as a desktop containment and is extendable with “Runners” and “Sources”.

KDE Panel

Desktop Containment

Netrunner Desktop (based on Folderview) is now the default desktop-containment.
Our aim is to make it as slick as possible, both visually and functionally.

The Applications


Dolphin, the default file manager for KDE, has always worked well since its introduction.
With the preview-info panel at your side, file navigation is a breeze.

Muon Software Center

Muon SC is the default software and package manager.
It takes care of your updates, handles package management and also features its own App-Store “Muon Discover”.



Tomahawk is Netrunners default music librarian and has improved its sharing features.

Firefox for KDE

The Firefox-KDE-Support package allows for native file-dialog-and-mimetype-extension for the KDE Workspace.


Kate is KDEs clean, simple, yet powerful text-editor. It has gotten a “mini-map” on the right instead of a plain scrollbar.

Accounts & People

Note: Telepathy, Accounts and KPeople are currently under developement by A. Fiestas, D. Edmundson and Martin Klapetek.
Netrunner ships Telepathy and an early version of (Web)Accounts.


Netrunners’ terminal of choice is another Qt-native application and always within a clicks’ reach.

A Free and Libre Platform

We are a true community-centered FOSS project, so if you’re willing to report any issue or have suggestions, go to the forums or github:

  • Keegan Choffat

    The best looking KDE desktop I’ve ever seen in a Distro.

  • Maulana Yodha Permana

    Why I cannot use “Install Steam”? It just appears firefox browser with nothing. I use ASUS eeepc series 1015CX.

    • Starbuck2001

      The “Install Steam”-Link should point you to the latest Steam.deb package file, so it then starts the installation process automatically.
      If not, try this link:

  • Screw U!

    can i install winehq on this OS?

    • mostafa

      yes through muon software center install playonlinux , i am using it to run Viber – windows version –

  • varennikov

    How long is the support period? Is there a LTS version?

    • Starbuck2001

      Support is the same as for Kubuntu, so there is LTS.

  • jesse gibson

    The subtle cDc logo is cute, side note, fantastic OS, just tried it today, and you’ve moved a full time slackware user since 1994 out of his home territory permanently.

  • Gooplusplus WebTools

    Will there be a Netrunner 13.10 (or 13.12) ?

    • Starbuck2001

      Sure, there will be a 13.11 or maybe early 13.12.