Netrunner 2 RC available !

After 3 months “in the making”, we like to present you the first stable RC of our work. As the biggest news, we decided to switch the default desktop from Gnome to KDE: The reason is that we felt we needed to bring something fresh to the table to the ever growing world of Ubuntu-clones. […]

Netrunner 2 – Announcement

3 months in the making and things are looking good for N2-Blacklight! In light of the imminent release within the next days, we have begun updating our website. So while we still offer the 1.1 ISO for download, the content on this site will gradually be updated to give you a preview of the things […]

Update 1.1

To fix an issue with the repositories in 1.0, we have updated our ISO to 1.1. For all who have installed 1.0, you can manually fix it by two commands: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install netrunner-info

Netrunner 1.0 (Albedo)

Here is our first release, Netrunner Albedo. It comes with a variety of programs pre-installed like VLC, acetoneiso2 and audacious. WINE is already pre-installed, including winetricks. It is mono-free, to provide a testcase for a “clean” *buntu that is not depending on a competitor technology. It also features some launchers on an extra panel to […]