Netrunner Rolling 2015.11 released

The Netrunner Team is happy to announce the release of Netrunner Rolling 2015.11 – 64bit version. (Note that the 32bit version currently remains at 2015.09). Netrunner Rolling 2015.11 has been updated with packages from KDE Plasma and KDE Applications. The desktop is at Plasma 5.4.2 together with KDE Applications 15.08.2 and many more applications and […]


Netrunner Rolling 2015.09 – 32 & 64bit released

The Netrunner Team is proud to announce the release of Netrunner Rolling 2015.09 – 32bit and 64bit versions. Netrunner Rolling 2015.09 is based on Manjaro KDE 15.09 and has gotten a complete overhaul: The desktop transitioned from KDE4 to Plasma5 together with KDE Applications 15.08 and hundreds of packages updated to their latest versions. Calamares […]

Netrunner 14.2 LTS – Update Release

The Netrunner team is proud to announce the release of Netrunner 14.2 LTS – 32bit and 64bit ISOs.. This is the second point-release based on KDE4 SC and comes with the latest updates and fixes. This includes security patches like the Kernel upgrade to 3.13.0-62, as well as software version updates like Firefox 40.0.3  and Thunderbird 31.6.0 […]

Upgrade Script Netrunner 15 -> 16

These instructions upgrade Netrunner 15 to Netrunner 16 Please use at your own risk and make sure to make a backup of your personal data first before attempting the upgrade. On a btrfs partition it is highly recommend to create a snapshot of your current filesystem state. You can do so with the command sudo btrfs subvolume snapshot […]

Netrunner 16 – Ozymandias released

Welcome to Netrunner 16 – Ozymandias. This is the release announcement of Netrunner 16 Main Edition (Ozymandias) 64bit & 32bit. “Why Ozymandias?” you might ask? Here is how it goes: I met a traveler from an antique land… And he told that there once was a mighty king in the land of ancient desktops, called […]