Netrunner is a complete Linux Operating System for PCs, laptops/netbooks and ARM microcomputers, that makes exclusive use of the KDE Plasma desktop environment.

Netrunner and various parts of the KDE Plasma project are sponsored by:

We go by the principles:

Power-up, don’t dumb-down

Include useful Add-ons, codecs, customizations

Avoid lock-ins, favor libre alternatives

Lets make it happen

You can participate in the KDE Community on many levels, from simply giving advice to users or becoming a maintainer of various software parts. We welcome new drive and ideas and any contributions to improve Netrunner and spread Free Software.

We are truly standing on the shoulders of Giants, so a BIG “Thank You!” to all who made and continue to make this possible!

Here are a few ways to help Netrunner if you like:

  • Get involved and work on projects like KDE or other FOSS programs
  • Help Design Plasma
  • Give feedback and let us know how to improve Netrunner
  • Mention Netrunner on your site/blog/forums
  • In the near future: Make a Donation (which fully goes to improving Netrunner)
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