We go by the principles:

Power-up, don’t dumb-down the user

Include add-ons, codecs, customizations

Avoid lock-ins, favor free(libre) alternatives

You can participate in the Netrunner community on many levels, from simply giving advice to users or becoming a maintainer of core packages. We welcome new drive and ideas and any contributions to improve Netrunner and spread Free Software.

Here are a few ways to help Netrunner if you like:

  • Get involved and work on projects like KDE, FOSS programs or Netrunner distro, for example:
  • Help Design Plasma Next: http://forum.kde.org/viewforum.php?f=285
  • Give feedback and let us know how to improve Netrunner
  • Mention Netrunner on your site/blog/forums
  • in the near future: make a Donation (which fully goes to improving Netrunner)

A BIG “Thank You!” for all, who made and continue to make this possible!

  • Kalthrix

    So, Netrunner is becoming Maui Linux? What prompted the name change other than basing it off of KDE Neon?

  • Oliver Nagel

    There actually is a card game called “Netrunner”.
    Maybe that has something to do with it.