Netrunner Rolling 2018.01

64-bit ISO

Server Torrent


Version Manjaro · Plasma 5.11.5
Size 2.3 GB
Sha256 8b3ffb0996310bd3aa928d011caf7e357b5676ecbfdc6475c29923d4b7a8c01b


Netrunner 17.10

64-bit ISO

Server Torrent


Version Debian Testing Snapshot · Plasma 5.11.2
Size 2.5 GB
Sha256 2e5968ce52f41ec04c53cb7b5b9520efca8a995c6fb0f3f81a9f2132e403b7a6

Netrunner Core 17.01

64-bit ISO

Server Torrent


Version Debian Snapshot 2016.12.11 · Plasma 5.8.2
Size 1.3 GB
Sha256 50cd71fea8318e36fcaf58c81892558f91549f3eae81ce45d769714de9215055


  • Check sha256 to make sure the downloaded file is genuine.
  • If you run Netrunner in VirtualBox, make sure it has 1200 MB RAM and 16 GB diskspace.
  • We recommend using usb-creator-kde/gtk or imagewriter (Linux version or Windows version) for “burning” the ISO or IMG onto an USB stick or microSDcard.
  • Please turn Secure Boot OFF in your BIOS or UEFI by invoking boot menu (usually via pressing F12 or ESC-key during boot).
  • Petr Herynk

    I have no problem with thunderbird or evolution, but with kontact. I tried to change settings in send off email but without success.

  • Joeffel Faelnar

    Where’s the download for the rolling-release edition?

    • Starbuck2001

      We discontinued the Manjaro based Rolling version and recommend using Manjaro KDE directly. Manjaro does a fantastic job providing latest KDE on top of Arch, so we shift our focus on doing the same on top of pure Debian stable with our own repositories.

      • Phil Ram

        sad to hear that. So what if I already installed on one of my systems netrunner rolling. can you recommend to continue using it?

        • Spam Us

          As long as you replace packages from the Netrunner repositories and replace them with what’s already in the Manjaro repos you should be fine.

        • Starbuck2001

          There may be some good news, a little too early to tell…

          • Phil Ram

            cannot wait to hear

          • Phil Ram

            so you’re saying, I should still keep updating my netrunner rolling. (almost on the edge on installing manjaro again)

          • Starbuck2001

            It’s really tough, as one of our main devs is going through some rough personal challenges, but we’re confident to get you some postive news soon.

  • Рафаэла Bäcker

    PLEASEEE !!! someone tell me where i can found wallpapers of netrunner 17 ….

    • Михаил Небесный


  • TJ Wolf

    Why switch to Debian????????? You should make an KDE Arch rolling still and Debian. I really liked your main focus in Arch Rolling KDE. Pleas come Back Arch Rolling Netrunner

    • Starbuck2001

      1. Manjaro KDE does a great job with that experience, so a lot would be just redundant by now.

      2. We felt going Debian upstream without another middle layer is important long term, like before:
      Debian -> Ubuntu -> Kubuntu/Neon -> Netrunner
      Debian -> Netrunner

      And for people still wanting the Ubuntu based extras, there is Maui Linux.

      • Евгений Котиков


  • Max Kanushin

    I’m giving your 17.01 a try, especially when you use Debian as your base. Was hanging around with OpenSUSE before.

    • Starbuck2001

      OpenSuse is a good system too.
      We just started to go upstream with Debian, so this is our second release. We hope you enjoy it 🙂

  • mahmoud magdy

    Possible work Vmware

  • Dommer Laric

    I need you guys to update Netrunner Rolling. At least post it back up with the updates cleared out of it and just the base system and newest keyring. And I’m not saying that Debian is worse than arch, but Pacman plus the AUR is much more superior than apt is and much more serviceable. Please put it back!

    • Starbuck2001

      Here is hoping (there were personal reasons why we put Rolling on hold for the last year).

    • Apolzan Marius

      you just prooved that you are an idiot,there is no better than or worse than,all linux distros are good,is just a difference of flavour

  • PinStripe

    Someone should get the KDE people to add SHA256 to their K3B burner program.

    • carc1n0gen

      md5 is good enough

  • Wayne Van Dyk

    Is there a command I can run like I could with the Desktop edition to update my Netrunner “Core” 16.09 up to 17.01?

  • Nial GSA Eden Ui~iD?

    17.03 is very good. Love being able to easily configure the clock to show long date and time, with Verdana Bold Italic. ~ Made a mistake while failing to install Chrome correctly. Some Gnome thing, caused the desktop to reboot into a Gnome menu at top layout. ~ There was a two chose drop down, Gnome was mentioned in the Chrome descriptor, so i chose the wrong presentation. I did a complete uninstall of Chrome, how to un-gnome the desktop, and get back the original?

    • Generator Rex

      Run in command line:-
      sudo apt get autoremove

  • jean makryn

    very good

    • Starbuck2001


  • Евгений Котиков


  • John Rigas

    yeeeees rolling netrunner is back! GOD BLESS U GUYS!!!

    • Generator Rex

      Thats the Giant return back !🤓

  • Social Butterfly

    I just recently got into Netrunner via a liveusb from 17.03 ‘Cyclotron’. Basically, I’m tired of Windows. Even lucky 7 is going down the tube and I will never do 8 or 10.
    Anyhow, I WAS REALLY IMPRESSED with Netrunner’s implementation of KDE Plasma and all the other little nicities of this distro that I am always playing with the liveusb. I waited for 17.06 Dadaelus to be shipped and wow, it just keeps getting better and better.

    I liked it so much that this weekend I’ve already backed up my NTFS data partitions (moving those to ext4) and just moving all my sticky notes to a text file, among other things, before I wipe my core i5 HP EliteBook with Windows 7 in lieu of Netrunner Daedalus. I will simply run 7 in VirtualBox.

    I have a few friends who own PC repair shops and I always show them the Netrunner liveusb as well as MX-Linux 16.01 (awesome Xfce spin based on MEPIS and AntiX; great for old AND new systems…smooth as hell, but I’m hooked on Plasma. Also it doesn’t use Systemd). I feel these are 2 of the most reliable and polished distros out there after playing around with a lot of liveusb sticks.

    But I just LOVE Netrunner – its looks, responsiveness, and the excellent selection of apps (can you add PlayOnLinux, Starbucks?). On Friday, I installed it on my pal’s Lenovo ThinkPad X230 (core i5). He owns a small computer shop. Wow, the graphics look really good…a bit better than on my
    EliteBook…must be the higher dpi in its IPS screen. I was stunned!

    For the record, my neighbor’s kids just got a core i3 Samsung lappie repaired and I did a dual boot with the new 500gb hard drive with Netrunner getting all of the disk space less 100GB for Windows 7 – just in case the kids needs it for school or gaming. But Netrunner is the first option for booting and using it will prevent them from Windows 7/viruses. I’m sure the kids will love it!
    And my neighbor’s husband is very interested in dual booting Linux so I will put Dadaelus on his lappie next week when I have more time.

    So that’s 4 new installs thanks to showing the Netrunner 17.06 liveusb to friends. Honestly, it’s very easy to convince new users to install Netrunner. Like I said, it looks AMAZING and light as a feather on resources.

    For that, a BIG THANK YOU and a shoutout to Blue Systems and all the Netrunner developers. You guys rock.

    Sorry for the rant. But I just wanted to show my respect to this ‘relatively’ unknown distro. I pray they keep the RAM usage at startup around the 400MB to 500MB range which it currently does. I’m sticking with the Debian Testing edition of Netrunner. I think this is the perfect sweet spot (a rolling distro pulled from reliable Debian repos).

  • César Almeida

    windows forever ahahhahahahha

    • Wendervaldo Oliveira

      BR sendo BR kkk

      • César Almeida

        Não sou BR! ajajajajajajaja

      • César Almeida

        Não sou BR jajajajajaja e nunca voy ser!

  • Apolzan Marius

    it is pittyful that patrons of KDE are not capable to put the last of their KDE versions in their own distro and i wander what happened that the kde team chosed to take off the permission of sudo on root,why they always think with their butts ? stop limiting user’s freedom or go around somehow,jeez that team need a better focus for the user ,not for themselfs,and i am talkin about all users,not just mediu-advance users

    • Mike Johnston


      1. What does pittyful mean? I went to look it up and I found a similar word, pitiful, but I’m assuming this isn’t what you meant since you didn’t use it.

      2. There should be a period after “I wander” because that, in itself, is a sentence dictating that you like to “wander around” and has nothing to do with the rest of the sentence.

      3. themselfs is not a word.

      4. talkin with no apostrophe is not a word.

      5. mediu-advance is not a word.

      6. “that team need a better focus” -> I can’t even.


      Learn grammar and spelling before you talk out of your butt otherwise not a single one of your comments will ever be taken seriously. Also, it’s just bloody appalling.

      • Phoghat

        All that effort for nothing. PITIFUL .

  • Abhishek Rana


  • Reinaldo Fernandez

    How come there’s still no mention of the new Netrunner 17.10 on the main page?

    • Starbuck2001

      The post apparently didn’t get published, and I just returned to do that.

      • Team Azimech

        Lack of communication with the public seems to be a problem, the Official FaceBook and Twitter accounts are not updating either.

  • Reinaldo Fernandez

    Aside from the download links, does anybody updates this site anymore? 3 days and still no mention of the new version 17.10 on the main page

  • Roberto R.

    Please new Netrunner Rolling Manjaro old release not support my GPU

  • Levi Linux

    Can we bring back root privileges?? That would be really nice!!

    • Starbuck2001

      Hi Levi,
      there are 3 ways to go about doing things as root in Netrunner:
      – dolphin has “root Actions” in the right-click menu, that allow changing ownership or rights with a popup
      – dolphin has a “smart terminal” button in the toolbar, that follows your actual path for easy sudo manipulation
      – if you only need to edit a single root-protected document, you nowadays can simply open it via Kate. If you close it, it will automatically ask you to enter root-password once and then save it, which is even more convinient imo than using a root dolphin for just that.
      Hope these help, otherwise please let us know what you like to use it for, as we can see how to achieve your usecases in next Netrunner versions despite what upstream might default to.