Installion Guide

Minimum Hardware requirements (tested on samsung netbook n110):

CPU: 1.6 GHz Intel Atom N270
RAM: 1+ GB
Hard Drive: 10+ GB
Graphics Card: Intel GMA 945
Video Memory: 128+ MB

If you try out Netrunner in a VirtualBox, please make sure to give it >1200 MB RAM.


Create Netrunner-USB or DVD

What you need

  • Netrunner ISO
  • Tool for creating a bootable USB stick: Imagewriter for Windows or Linux
  • 4 GB (or larger) USB Stick


Download Win32DiskImager for Windows: Image Writer for Windows
install package “usb-creator-kde” or “usb-creator-gtk” under Linux

(Tip: To restore the usb stick to normal size, download bootice from here and follow these instructions (windows and linux)).

Start Imagewriter

  • Open ImageWriter
  • Press the select button
  • Type *.* in the file name box and find your Netrunner .ISO file
  • Select your USB stick under “Device” and click the Write button

You now have a LIVE USB stick with Netrunner on it, ready to boot!


Disable Secure Boot (UEFI)
Before you install, you need to make sure Secure Boot is disabled.

Also, from the boot-options, use either UEFI or the non-uefi depending on how your system is already set up:

If you boot in LIVE mode and the Netrunner Logo comes up, but the desktop does not start:
Boot until you see the live system options, then go to “Start Netrunner” and press TAB instead of enter:
Now you can add “vga=normal nomodeset” to the boot options in the bootmenu and press Enter to start in vga/vesa compatibility mode.

If you find any issues and want us help fixing it, please post in our forums or report the issue at github:


Booting from LIVE-USB/DVD and Installation

» This will be performed on the machine on which you wish to install Netrunner.
» This step is “non-destructive”, that means:
You do not have to permanently install Netrunner at this point. You can explore the operating system from your USB-Stick to see how you like it without affecting your existing setup.


1. Insert the Netrunner USB-stick into the USB slot of the machine you want to test

Note: Make sure your machine is set to boot from USB first. You may need to check your BIOS to enable this functionality.


2. Boot the machine and watch stuff happen!

Once Netrunner is up and running you should see something like this:


3. Explore Netrunner

Note: In the LiveUSB environment you can explore Netrunner without making any changes to your existing system. In the LiveUSB environment the performance will usually be less compared to the normal, installed mode.

Once you are ready, double-click on the “Install Netrunner” icon.


4. Click on “Install Netrunner” to begin the install process

4.1 First choose your preferred language.



4.2 Location



4.3 Keyboard



4.4 Disk Setup

Partitioning is usually the one area that trips up newcomers to Linux. You have 3-4 basic options:
Option 0: Alongside: Install Netrunner “side-by-side” an existing OS, giving it a portion of the hard drive (Note: this option is sometimes not available).
Option 1: Replace: Simply pick an exisiting partition and install Netrunner on that, overwriting everything that currently exists on that partition.
Option 2: Erase: Install Netrunner only, giving it the entire hard drive and erasing all other data.
Option 3: Manual: Of course, the installer has also an advanced option where you can set the partitions to your exact liking if you are in need of that level of control.


In this screenshot, I’m choosing Erase and installing Netrunner on the whole disk, erasing everything else that is currently on there.


4.5 User, Hostname and Password


Here you enter your name, username, password and choose the name for your computer and a default login option.


4.6 Summary and Install (Installation progress)

Up to this point, you can still cancel the Install process and nothing has been done.
If you are ready to install the system, click “Next” and Installation begins.


The installer then will proceed with a slideshow and display a progress bar and status information while installing.

Note: At times it may seem the installer froze because there seems to be no progress – that’s not unusual, so don’t worry and just give it some time to finish.
At a maximum, the installation process should take about 30 minutes, much more likely are 10-15 minutes though (depending mainly on the cpu and hard drive of the machine).

After installation is finished, you can either restart or continue:

If you restart, the system will power down and reboot, so don’t forget to remove the stick after the system has shut down.

To give feedback for this article please comment below or further discuss the installation in our forums.

Tip: Look out for the README tutorials with tips what you may do at your first boot into Netrunner.

  • Razorback2012

    Looks great. Any plans to have a Windows installer version similar to Mint?

    • AFTE

      You can google “EasyBCD” for multiple OS booting …….. 🙂

  • Fred Talmadge

    How do I prevent Netrunner 13.06 Grub2 from loading. I want to keep Chakra as my main distro and use it’s Grub2

    • Saad Iladoukh

      during the partition manager step, you have to choose the manual partitioning, then you need to create a separated /boot partition, and you choose to install the boot manager not in the MBR but in the partition /boot you’ve just created. once the installation process is done, reboot the system and you will notice that your Chakra’s bootloader is still there. to add your netrunner in the chakra’s bootloader, just update your grub (Chakra’s grub) 😉

      • Barak Bo

        hello saad, i was wondering, in addition to the netrunner install partition do i have to create an additional partition and make it boot? how big should i make it ?
        thank you

  • EDwin Becerra

    his linux I’ve been using a live usb, I like the fluidity with which works in this netboot, I have installed linux mint but try this ditro linux with usb it shows speed, 8.3 gb hurt asking, kubuntu which is similar in its installer asks only 4.3 gb, I would like if anyone knows how to do the intalacion less disc capacity to give me instructions to install it in a manual.

  • JayBee

    Is it possible to use Netrunner fully installed on the USB flash drive (as with Puppy or Knoppix)? Knoppix has an “overlay” partition which saves all settings, personalization, bookmarks etc. Can this be done with Netrunner using some special commands or a special program?

    • Starbuck2001

      You could add some space on the stick with unetbootin to preserve files after reboot:

      • JayBee

        Thank you for that, Starbuck2001. I’ll investigate. 🙂

  • Saidul Haque

    How to install Banglaliowimax Internet Modem? It’s a Bangladeshi Modem.

  • Jim Kirkey

    Hi Starbuck and team: I’ve been using Netrunner 13.06 x86-64 on my main machine (a Dell Precision 370, with 3.4Ghz dual core processor, 4 Gigs RAM, and an 80GB OS drive. I also use a 750GB Home drive. I find it (Netrunner) very stable, reliable, fast and generally a joy to use.
    I would now like to install the i386 version on a notebook, a Dell D620 with a 1.66 GHz Pentium M CPU, 1.5 GB RAM and a 40GB hard drive. I am replacing Kubuntu 12.10 and want to keep my existing Home directory. I haven’t seen an option to keep existing home directory though. Would you be able to let me know if the feature is available and maybe where to look? Please and thanks. Cheers guys… Netrunner is GREAT !

    • Starbuck2001

      The best way would be to make a backup of your home directory and copy the main folders back to your new installation. You can try copying also the hidden folders back, not sure if that mixes well though.

      • Jim Kirkey

        Thank you Starbuck. I copied back the main folders as you suggested and all is well. As I didn’t want to corrupt Netrunner in any way, I chose not to copy any hidden files/folders and I now have Home, with my previous content. Thanks again man. Cheers. Jim

  • Jesse

    My installer didn’t offer me the option to split my hard drive…?

  • Jones Alves


  • German DAddario

    good morning, I’m from Argentina. Anyone know how to install the nvidia display driver 331.38?. I could help?

    • German Ghermain

      Prueba buscando en la página de NVidia:

      Aunque creo que para un óptimo funcionamiento se debe usar el drive correspondiente a 319.

      También asegúrese de no instalar 319 con gestor de controladores antes de instalar 331.

      • German DAddario

        Bueno anteriormente, estuve utilizando la version alterior de netrunner 13.06 en la cual no tuve problemas en instalar los drivers de nvidia en la version 331.20.Pero ahora en la nueva version netrunner 13.12 los drivers 331.20 no los encuentro ni agregando el reposito directo de nvidia, ya que me pide de instalar drivers 331.38(los cuales no funcionan).Ya e instalado la version 319, y van bien.pero yo queria tener los ultimos (tengo una nvidia GT 440)y busque en la pagina de nvidia y me indican que baje la version 331.38.Que puedo hacer dejo los 319, o busco hacer funcionar los 331.38? u volver a encontrar los 331.20? gracias igualmente por tu ayuda German, Esta distro, esta muy buena y no la quiero cambiar por ninguna otra, ya pase por mint, ubuntu, opensuse, pero esta es de lo mejor!!

  • Christian

    I installed netrunner on a spare hard drive to try it out. Now when I boot my computer It wants to boot netrunner (linux) OS selection. If I pull the hard drive with netrunner on it out of the computer it can’t find my windows install at boot. How do i remove this so my main hard drive can boot to windows without the spare hard drive in the system? Next time I do this I will unplug my main hard drive from the system first.

    • Doomy

      You should be able to set the order of which hard drive boots first through your bios.

  • infern0


    I had some issues when updating from 13.06 to 13.12.

    I was using the *.sh script provided and, in the middle of the process, the electricity went off screwing up my installation. Now, i cannot start the OS. Could you point me some way of workaround that situation? any suggestion?


    • Starbuck2001

      Hi infern0,
      please use our forum, we can help you there!

  • Stefan

    In 5. Preparation I get “ubi-partman crashed”. Since I am new to Linux I am not sure of what to do next.
    Installing Netrunner 13.12 on a winXP Atom 1.6GHz with 1 Gb RAM.

    • Stefan

      Update: Did the installation again but did not choose Swedish as my language of choice but English and the installation is now running smoothly with no ubi-* errors. So problem sort of solved…

  • Alex L.

    Hi, I download the 64-bit rolling release, check md5, write iso to usb using unetbootin. But during the boot this message is displayed: “error no configuration file found no default or ui configuration directive found”. I try to rename isolinux in syslinux, isolinux.bin in syslinux.bin and isolinux.cfg in syslinux.cfg. The error is the same. Solutions? Thanks.

    • Starbuck2001
      • Alex L.

        It’s only for Windows? I don’t use Windows… The problem is that the iso is set to boot from a disk drive and not from a usb drive. On some pc it boot in any case. But on other pc not :-/

  • Ronald Dupler

    Best Netrunner version yet. Yes, a Windows installer would be very handy, and I would test it. Already have Enigma II on the HD. Thank you for this excellent release.

  • Paulo Inone

    Hello. I have a netbook with Intel Atom N270@1,6GHz, 2GB RAM. I installed Netrunner Frontier in dual boot with Windows XP. After installation I was notified to update system and programs. After updating I restarted Netrunner but it froze in the inicial screen. I tried the recovery mode and other alternatives but nothing worked. Than I had to reinstall Netrunner but without updating. Any suggestion?

    • Starbuck2001

      Hi Paulo,
      please report the issue to our forums, so we can help, thanks!

  • Gustavo

    Hi, I have a netbook inspiron mini 10 with 1GB RAM and Intel atom processor with 1.66GHz. How fast can netrunner go on this machine? I have Zorin installed and it goes very fast. thank you

    • Starbuck2001

      Hi Gustavo,
      I don’t know Zorin to compare (do they use KDE as desktop?), but for that netbook try Rolling, as it’s a bit faster than the Standard version. Note that Rolling is Arch-based though, so you have pacman instead of apt-get.

      • Gustavo

        Hi, thank you for answering, Zorin is based on LXDE as desktop, so it is very light. I’ve listened that arch is fast on netbooks, i think i will try it,

        • Starbuck2001

          LXDE is lightweight indeed.
          I suggest trying Netrunner 14 and see how you like it, then wait for Netrunner 15 for that netbook in ~4 months. It will feature Plasma 5 that is magically close to XFCE in terms of performance, but with all the power of KDE. It’s achieving that mostly due to an amazing technology leap with underlying Frameworks 5 and Qt 5, but imo needs one more update cycle of Plasma until 5.2 to really shine.

  • احمد


  • Jose Reyes

    a few day ago, i was wrote to Gnome-Disk-Uitily for boot, so it was failed, which is good apps created a boot via usb?

  • Marcelo daniel Bonelli

    mi nonbre es marcelo vivo en argentina y la verdad es que hace rato que utilizo su sistema operativo netrunner, me parece de lo mas formidable la verdad yo antes por muchos años pense que todo el software significaba windows, pero me di cuenta que no es asi, luego de este existe un mundo nuevo aun por explorar, pero despues de haber probado, todos los buntus habidos y por haber, fedora,open suse, zorin, lubuntus,debian, ret hat y que se yo cuanto software, aterrize aca, en netrunner, es estable, por eso lo elegi, jamas un solo problema y si surgio alguno, lo fui arreglando web mediante, la verdad la perfeccion no existe, pero este sistema esta ahi, si ahi de ser perfecto, dado que puedo hacer todo lo que hacia con windows y mas, ahora bien tengo un solo inconveniente y este es el photoshop, cuando saldra una version para este pedazo de sistema, la verdad es lo unico que le falta y seria perfecto, mi problema surge con el wine, dado que este por mas que instale la version mas vieja de photoshop, me la cierra, por problemas y demas, soy profesor de artes plasticas y con los alumnos usamos mucho pothoshop, y seguimos usando viejas versiones de windows xp, para poder dibujar, aerografiar y demas, se que esta gimp, pero a mi me resulta dificultoso usarlo, parece el corel draw, necesitas un manual al lado, para manejarlo, tambien e intalado el pothoshop en escritorio virtual, pero no me a dado muy buenos resultados, siempre surgia algo, es que agua y aceite jamas se mezclan…hablo de (linux-windows)…desde ya muchisimas gracias, mas aun a la gente que creo este semejante sistema operativo, la verdad para lucirse, y siempre a la espera quizas algun dia de poder utilizar alguna version de phothoshop…aunque mas no sea portable o la mas vieja….mil gracias…

    • Alexander Merida Lopez

      Desafortunadamente, solo existe Photoshop para Windows y OS X. Gimp es el “equivalente” a Photoshop.

    • Francisco

      Ahora si,hola Marcelo como estas,ya han pasado tres años de tu comentario entusiasta sobre Netrunner,hoy, sigues pensando lo mismo,ahora para ti,es mucho mejor que Manjaro y a la madre Arch,Saludos…

  • Fishman Linux

    I have been following the growth of NetRunner. I am downloading the latest rolling release. I am sure that I will be doing a preview video of this on YouTube if all goes well.

  • Akramovic

    Cant boot from live-usb got this error ” no init found. try passing init= option to kernel ” any solution please ?

  • Christian

    no existe la posibilidad de prearle una persistencia ???

  • ReFractalus

    Typo: during the installation, on the info-slides, the skype-client is advertised as “Teleptahy”. For the rest: awesome release! Even runs pretty darn good on my older machine.

  • Donald Allison, PA-C

    Netrunner Voyager in live mode runs perfect but it locks up (black screen with solid cursor) when I install. Not sure what to do next. Ubuntu flavors load without issue. Right now I am using a fujitsu lifebook. Is it not compatible?