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  • Arek Arek How to upgrade from previous CORE version? I would like to update without reinstalling all aps/changing settings. I know it is possible...

    Netrunner Core ·  last month

  • 0Synergy 0Synergy Yea I check once a month, tried to install it last year but didn't work due to my system being to new.

    Download ·  2 months ago

  • R M Rodriguez R M Rodriguez I don't check this page daily... but I do check it several times a week. Always looking to see if they quietly pushed out a 2022 version,...

    Download ·  3 months ago

  • joão pedro souza matos joão pedro souza matos There was a wallpaper in Netrunner 16 – Ozymandias that was a picture of a portic (not sure if Greek, Roman, or Neoclassic architecture)...

    Screenshots ·  4 months ago

  • R M Rodriguez R M Rodriguez Greetings. I know there's never a concrete release schedule, but what can you tell us about a 2022 version that many of us are...

    Download ·  5 months ago

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