Enable Rolling Repositories

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Netrunner features its own backports channels that are related to Debian’s tested rolling repositories.

That allows anyone to either stay on the install channels or hop onto the rolling repos to receive continuously tested updates.

The following tutorial shows you how to get the latest packages from the testing/backports channels.

1. Start Synaptic Package Manager

2. Select “Repositories” from the Settings Menu:


3. TICK all backports repositories and the testing one:


4. After all repositories are enabled, click “Ok”:


5. Confirm to “Reload”:


6. After reloading is done, click the “Mark All Upgrades” Button:


7. Confirm “Marking the requiring changes”:


8. Now click the “Apply” Button:


9. Confirm to “Apply all Changes”:


10. Wait for Synaptic to download all packages (this can take a while mainly depending on connection speed):


11. After Downloading, Synaptic automatically installes all packages (this too can take up to 30 minutes or more):


12. Wait for Synaptic to finish installing all packages, then close the dialog window:


That’s it!
Enjoy continuously receiving tested updates for Plasma, Frameworks, Applications and System software on Debian Rolling 🙂

  • AquiloneSchritttempo

    does it apply to Netrunner Core as well, correct?

    • Starbuck2001

      Yes, it could be though that you need to add those backport entries yourself if they are not visible default.

  • Юрчик- И-Уррчик

    Hey! When will this be an update for non-backports ?

    • Starbuck2001

      We do not update stable, as some people might prefer to stay on a non changing system for stability reasons.

      • rocky

        So it means that Netrunner 16.09 will never get updated to plasma 5.8 without backports? Or only when Debian 9 hits stable… ?

        • Starbuck2001

          Hi rocky,

          the Backports Channels are a flexible way to exactly choose if you want to update and after that you leave it on or turn it off again. This allows at any time to stay on a certain technology stack, and therefore is very similar to Ubuntu, where a released version only gets minor updates, but not major without backports. Since Debian Stable is all about stable, it combines both possibilities to either stay on a working base or like ubuntu/neon to keep partitially rolling. This would not be possible if we simply unload every update to the base release channel. By simply clicking backport repos on or off, it is imo the best and easiest way to be totally control of your stack. If you want your system to be constantly dumped with updates, Debian stable is by no means the system you should be looking for, I’d recommend either Manjaro or KDE Neon.

          • rocky

            Hi starbuck,

            Indeed this is a very good explanation, thanks for that. It makes perfect sense and explains the Netrunner use case even better.

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