Netrunner Desktop 17.03

64-bit ISO

Server Torrent


Version Debian Snapshot 2017.02.05 · Plasma 5.9.3
Size 2.2 GB
Sha256 c85cf6a97345da6d696f8830a303e3713aa2493a14606fa87995180ed8de69ac

Netrunner Core 17.01

64-bit ISO

Server Torrent


Version Debian Snapshot 2016.12.11 · Plasma 5.8.2
Size 1.3 GB
Sha256 50cd71fea8318e36fcaf58c81892558f91549f3eae81ce45d769714de9215055


  • Check sha256 to make sure the downloaded file is genuine.
  • If you run Netrunner in VirtualBox, make sure it has 1200 MB RAM and 16 GB diskspace.
  • We recommend using usb-creator-kde/gtk or imagewriter (Linux version or Windows version) for “burning” the ISO or IMG onto an USB stick or microSDcard.
  • Please turn Secure Boot OFF in your BIOS or UEFI by invoking boot menu (usually via pressing F12 or ESC-key during boot).
  • Petr Herynk

    I have no problem with thunderbird or evolution, but with kontact. I tried to change settings in send off email but without success.

  • Joeffel Faelnar

    Where’s the download for the rolling-release edition?

    • Starbuck2001

      We discontinued the Manjaro based Rolling version and recommend using Manjaro KDE directly. Manjaro does a fantastic job providing latest KDE on top of Arch, so we shift our focus on doing the same on top of pure Debian stable with our own repositories.

      • Phil Ram

        sad to hear that. So what if I already installed on one of my systems netrunner rolling. can you recommend to continue using it?

        • Spam Us

          As long as you replace packages from the Netrunner repositories and replace them with what’s already in the Manjaro repos you should be fine.

        • Starbuck2001

          There may be some good news, a little too early to tell…

          • Phil Ram

            cannot wait to hear

          • Phil Ram

            so you’re saying, I should still keep updating my netrunner rolling. (almost on the edge on installing manjaro again)

          • Starbuck2001

            It’s really tough, as one of our main devs is going through some rough personal challenges, but we’re confident to get you some postive news soon.

  • Рафаэла Bäcker

    PLEASEEE !!! someone tell me where i can found wallpapers of netrunner 17 ….

  • TJ Wolf

    Why switch to Debian????????? You should make an KDE Arch rolling still and Debian. I really liked your main focus in Arch Rolling KDE. Pleas come Back Arch Rolling Netrunner

    • Starbuck2001

      1. Manjaro KDE does a great job with that experience, so a lot would be just redundant by now.

      2. We felt going Debian upstream without another middle layer is important long term, like before:
      Debian -> Ubuntu -> Kubuntu/Neon -> Netrunner
      Debian -> Netrunner

      And for people still wanting the Ubuntu based extras, there is Maui Linux.

  • Max Kanushin

    I’m giving your 17.01 a try, especially when you use Debian as your base. Was hanging around with OpenSUSE before.

    • Starbuck2001

      OpenSuse is a good system too.
      We just started to go upstream with Debian, so this is our second release. We hope you enjoy it 🙂

  • mahmoud magdy

    Possible work Vmware

  • Dommer Laric

    I need you guys to update Netrunner Rolling. At least post it back up with the updates cleared out of it and just the base system and newest keyring. And I’m not saying that Debian is worse than arch, but Pacman plus the AUR is much more superior than apt is and much more serviceable. Please put it back!

    • Starbuck2001

      Here is hoping (there were personal reasons why we put Rolling on hold for the last year).

  • PinStripe

    Someone should get the KDE people to add SHA256 to their K3B burner program.

    • carc1n0gen

      md5 is good enough

  • Wayne Van Dyk

    Is there a command I can run like I could with the Desktop edition to update my Netrunner “Core” 16.09 up to 17.01?

  • Nial GSA Eden Ui~iD?

    17.03 is very good. Love being able to easily configure the clock to show long date and time, with Verdana Bold Italic. ~ Made a mistake while failing to install Chrome correctly. Some Gnome thing, caused the desktop to reboot into a Gnome menu at top layout. ~ There was a two chose drop down, Gnome was mentioned in the Chrome descriptor, so i chose the wrong presentation. I did a complete uninstall of Chrome, how to un-gnome the desktop, and get back the original?