Netrunner Desktop 17.01

64-bit ISO

Server Torrent


System Debian Stretch/Testing Snapshot (20161211) · Plasma 5.8.2
Size 2.1 GB
Sha256 25e8df3a1b4a8520f437ff3a776537829755f0746d99bd30fa2b7bbf803b927e

Netrunner Core 16.09

64-bit ISO

Server Torrent


Version Debian Jessie · Plasma 5.7.5
Size 1.2 GB
Sha256 cb2a54e39ed0b0f10aff3f8a7a55bada3916910b88a6c23afdf58cd8d903e0d0

Odroid C1 IMG (32-bit ARMv7)

Server Torrent


Version Debian Jessie · Plasma 5.7.5
Size 1.2 GB
Sha256 dcc550cec04b838db44b928274b304873a6d0df9225562aa6d8da45dd1148513


  • Check sha256 to make sure the downloaded file is genuine.

  • If you run Netrunner in a VirtualBox, make sure to give it 1200 MB RAM and 16 GB diskspace.

  • We recommend using usb-creator-kde/gtk or imagewriter (Linux version or Windows version) for “burning” the ISO or IMG onto an USB stick or microSDcard.

  • Please turn Secure Boot OFF in your BIOS or UEFI by invoking boot menu (usually via pressing F12 or ESC-key during boot).

  • Petr Herynk

    I have no problem with thunderbird or evolution, but with kontact. I tried to change settings in send off email but without success.

  • Joeffel Faelnar

    Where’s the download for the rolling-release edition?

    • Starbuck2001

      We discontinued the Manjaro based Rolling version and recommend using Manjaro KDE directly. Manjaro does a fantastic job providing latest KDE on top of Arch, so we shift our focus on doing the same on top of pure Debian stable with our own repositories.

      • Phil Ram

        sad to hear that. So what if I already installed on one of my systems netrunner rolling. can you recommend to continue using it?

        • Spam Us

          As long as you replace packages from the Netrunner repositories and replace them with what’s already in the Manjaro repos you should be fine.

  • Рафаэла Bäcker

    PLEASEEE !!! someone tell me where i can found wallpapers of netrunner 17 ….

  • TJ Wolf

    Why switch to Debian????????? You should make an KDE Arch rolling still and Debian. I really liked your main focus in Arch Rolling KDE. Pleas come Back Arch Rolling Netrunner

    • Starbuck2001

      1. Manjaro KDE does a great job with that experience, so a lot would be just redundant by now.

      2. We felt going Debian upstream without another middle layer is important long term, like before:
      Debian -> Ubuntu -> Kubuntu/Neon -> Netrunner
      Debian -> Netrunner

      And for people still wanting the Ubuntu based extras, there is Maui Linux.

  • Max Kanushin

    I’m giving your 17.01 a try, especially when you use Debian as your base. Was hanging around with OpenSUSE before.

    • Starbuck2001

      OpenSuse is a good system too.
      We just started to go upstream with Debian, so this is our second release. We hope you enjoy it :)

  • mahmoud magdy

    Possible work Vmware