Netrunner CORE 16.09 – 64bit ISO

Debian-stable · Plasma 5.7.5

Size 1.2 GB · Sha256: cb2a54e39ed0b0f10aff3f8a7a55bada3916910b88a6c23afdf58cd8d903e0d0 · md5sum: 7d61afeee7e51f559b74630bd537f7d2

Netrunner CORE 16.09 – Odroid C1 IMG

Debian-stable · Plasma 5.7.5

Size 1.2 GB · Sha256: dcc550cec04b838db44b928274b304873a6d0df9225562aa6d8da45dd1148513· md5sum: e3c44d9cd8d07d65015d884773962409


  • If you run Netrunner in a VirtualBox, make sure to give it 1500 MB RAM and 16 GB diskspace.

  • Please turn Secure Boot OFF in your BIOS and select non-UEFI boot option from invoking boot menu (usually with usually pressing F12-key during boot).

  • Petr Herynk

    I have no problem with thunderbird or evolution, but with kontact. I tried to change settings in send off email but without success.