Netrunner and various parts of the Plasma system are developed by:


Netrunner is shipped with many day-to-day applications, and also available as a Core Version for minimal installation on microcomputers like arm boards.

We go by the principles:

Power-up, don’t dumb-down

Add-ons, codecs, customizations

Avoid lock-ins, favor libre alternatives

You can participate in the KDE Community on many levels, from simply giving advice to users or becoming a maintainer of various software parts. We welcome new drive and ideas and any contributions to improve Netrunner and spread Free Software.

Here are a few ways to help Netrunner if you like:

  • Get involved and work on projects like KDE or other FOSS programs, for example:
  • Help Design Plasma: http://forum.kde.org/viewforum.php?f=285
  • Give feedback and let us know how to improve Netrunner
  • Mention Netrunner on your site/blog/forums
  • in the near future: Make a Donation (which fully goes to improving Netrunner)

A BIG “Thank You!” for all, who made and continue to make this possible!

  • Michael Hanson

    Trying to register to be able to ask a question in the forums, but I can’t get passed the scrambled image/bot barrier.  I’m legally blind and driving to figure out what’s wrong with my display- it’s giving me headache!  You’re the first KDE distro I’ve tried and like your product a lot (so far), but if I can’t this display issue resolved, our time together will be short lived.

  • Fernando dos santos quaresma

    well i was fusing around and wounder … were is your contacts or even stand by if this some sort of organization or like domain requires a .com a commercial company.??
    Obviusly nobody will law sue you but the communitie of open source will defenetly nuke this crap if thoose standarts will not be sastifie … they are more powerfull than mab’s….


  • http://www.facebook.com/tomnews2001 Thomas Hardy

    Can you give me the  ok to distribute this distribution via Ebay.  I am in the USA and can donate $1 for every DVD sold on it to your business. I would be offering it at a price of $5.00 that includes shipping costs.

    • Starbuck2001

      Hello Thomas,

      go ahead and offer Netrunner on DVD, it’s libre software.

    • Dommer Laric

      Seems like a good idea.

  • http://profiles.google.com/realmadpuppy Lance DiBitetto

    I have been looking for an Ubuntu based KDE distribution for a long time and every one I have tried felt unfinished and disjointed, like a star shaped peg in a square hole.
    I have to say Netrunner is really impressive, it just about beats mandriva/Mageia in KDE integration.  This will be my Distro of choice to get people started in Linux from now on.
    Excellent work!

  • Krisztian Olah

    Great distro after first look, much rather over Kubuntu. Only one thing bugs me: why did you guys pick 2 GTK solitaire games over KPatience(kpat) on a KDE distro? I know it isn’t anything major, but all the other software choices make sense to me except this.

  • jake mathis

    Can anyone get Diablo 3 running off their external hard drive?

  • http://twitter.com/apoisel Andreas Poisel

     I’d like to follow the news about Netrunner via RSS, do you offer a feed?

    Thank you!

    • http://twitter.com/apoisel Andreas Poisel

       Found it, thanks.

      • Doug

        Where did you find it Andreas? I like to keep up with things of this sort via RSS also.

  • John

    I am wondering since I see the same company sponsoring Netrunner and Mint, if Netrunner is also sending data to google like Mint is?

    • Starbuck2001

      No, we have no agreement with Google, so if you use Google, its the default one and no Netrunner specific Google.

  • alhosni

    How do I recover the system defaults

    I have a problem in the update that I have does not work and does not Notify me

    • Starbuck2001

      Hello alhosni,
      please use our forum for issues, thanks!

  • Dave O

    Fernando – why don’t you try tapping it out in your own language and then run it through a software interpreter?

  • chris2kari

    Netrunner 13.06 is superb. For a long time I have Windows using friends begging me for a recommendation of which Linux to switch to but until I could’nt honestly say. Now I can proudly give them a USB with Netrunner 13.06 & know they will be impressed by the excellent polish & ease of use.
    Fantastic job Guy’s!!!


  • Pablo Estigarribia

    Can you add easy way to donate to this project?

    I didn’t find “Donate button” with paypal 🙂

    Please add it wherever you can so we all can donate to you 🙂

    I’m would like to see spanish support. Or at least a help for translators, so me and others could help to translate parts untranslated if needed (not to already translated KDE and others linux programs, but to what netrunner OS adds itself).

  • EDwin Becerra

    I would like that could be installed in one zg5 ace has only 7 gigabyte hard drive and installation manager is 8 gigabytes asks if anyone knows how I can install this hard drive I would appreciate thanks

    • chris2kari

      Edwin, In my opinion Acer Aspire One ZG5 netbook is not powerful enough to run Netrunner. Your netbook has only 8Gb SSD storage, 1Gb RAM & 1.6Ghz Atom CPU.

      In my opinion you would have much better results using Puppy Linux on that particular machine : http://puppylinux.org/


      • EDwin Becerra

        his linux I’ve been using a live usb, I like the fluidity with which works in this netbook, I have installed linux mint but try this ditro linux with usb it shows speed, 8.3 gb hurt asking, kubuntu which is similar in its installer asks only 4.3 gb, I would like if anyone knows how to do the intalacion less disc capacity to give me instructions to install it in a manual.

        • chris2kari

          I agree, Netrunner is very nice. You need to replace the 8gb SSD with a bigger SSD or small HDD. Sorry!

  • Trevor Ablott

    Great distro highly recomended well done

  • Bill Metzker

    Love the distro, just having issues registering for the Runner ID. I have not received an activation link in email (tried two different email addresses). Any advice?

    • Starbuck2001

      Did you check your SPAM, it may have ended up there?

    • chris2kari

      It did’nt seem to ever complete the sign up procedure for me either.
      However when I tried the login credentials today they worked.
      Teething pains of a new service?

  • Mazen Mahgoub

    hi .. i think that netrunner is very good but i hope that it runs on gnome instead of kde

    • chris2kari

      In that case install & use Ubuntu or Gnobuntu or Mint Mate or or or…. jeez there are plenty of Gnome based distro’s.. the whole point of Netrunner is to give _KDE_ users an equally good or better distro.

  • Dommer Laric

    Suggestion, stupid suggetion but a suggestion. Resizeable widgets. Can’t see all 4 of my RSS Feeds! Nor read the whole things!

  • Dommer Laric

    Also for note, I will probably burn a few discs of NR. Very simple, easy to use from coding to gaming and all in between, looks nice, and is adaptable!

    Also better than Ubu 13 because it doesn’t flip out when I click things 😀

  • Dommer Laric

    BUG: Might be with Pulseaudio, but I had to replace ALSA with PA to even have any audio, and every once in a while I have to put it in sleep then wake it up because the sound turns into high pitched static.

  • prosario2000

    Sorry if this has been answered before… but how do we make a donation? I don’t see any options for that here.

    • Starbuck2001

      it’s planned for the near future, I added this in the text above now.

  • Alexander Daguob

    To the forum admin, please help me. My account in netrunner forum is banned forever.
    (Ban Reason: Automatically banned by the Akismet system for spamming. Ban will be lifted: Never)
    I was trying to post in a new thread my problem about “sudo ./install.sh” and after previewing and hitting “post” it says something of me as a bot. I hit “back” to retrieve what I wrote and then pasted it again and hit “post”… then I was banned and still am.
    Please lift the ban. I’m new to Linux and I need the forum to read and learn things. I thank you in the anticipation of your help.


    • Starbuck2001

      should be working normally again.

  • Abhay Goyal

    i really like the interface its very different and unique than other KDE OSs, its so fast and right on target, there is no hangs at all. but i only faced when i installed it i have amd fx 6 core and amd radeon 6670 1gbddr5 4 gb ram and gigabyte motherboard, what i want is that u should remove the OSs for amd and nvidia version so there should be no driver issues. yes the driver issue was the only problem and the amd unsupported hardware logo. i am loving this and i dont feel like changing it

  • Sam

    I’m REALLY impressed with the latest release of NetRunner. Good Job guys!

  • http://www.germanlancheros.com.ar/ German Ghermain

    You are quite right, they have done a great job, since I met Nettruner installed it and left it as a second system for a few things that did not give me confidence but now I am very satisfied Netrunner 13.12 and is now my MAIN SYSTEM.

  • FenyX

    The distro is great, I’ld like to speak about it now and tell you all the positive things of the last version but… unfortunately I have a problem to solve before doing this: I’ve been banned by Akismet while just trying to post a simple forum question. Yes there was some images and an URL in my post but I don’t think that this makes my message a spam. Please restore my profile named ‘FenyX’ on your forum so I’ll be able to send my question to the Netrunner community. I’ve been banned 5 mins ago. Maybe making Akismet less strict would be a good idea, but it’s just a suggestion 🙂


  • steve archambault

    im trying to find out where to donate but cant find it so where can i donate to netrunner to support this awsome os

  • Holle Honig

    i read about netrunner in my favourite pc magazine, bookmarked the page and tried it out on occasion. after only a few days i ventured the step to reinstall my kubuntu-driven working laptop and, what to say, it’s awesome, sleak and functional.

    please keep going on and spread this distro!

    many thanks so far!

  • Jakk

    WTH?? I tried logging in today due to an issue with this OS and I can’t even log in! It says my password in incorrect. So I tried resetting a new one and that too did NOT work! Wow… looks like I will be looking for a new distro!

  • Brock

    Any chance of a new stealth edition?

  • Matthias Schuster Scharmer

    Is bluesystems still a sponsor from Nepomuk, as per description here ?

    • Starbuck2001

      Corrected to Baloo. So yes, we sponsor current maintainer Vishesh Handa.

  • Starbuck2001

    You’re right, all those projects and so little time for correct advertising…

    • Matthias Schuster Scharmer

      Is there maybe a 14.06 pre release for me to test ? 😀

      • Starbuck2001

        Not yet, it will take another 3-4 weeks before it passes the alpha stage.

        • Matthias Schuster Scharmer

          I wish to help with testing so early as possible, please 😉

  • Martyn Lewis

    Hi guys, can someone help me please? I seem to have been banned from the forums for spamming?!?!?! I only posted a reply to an earlier question about Chromium

    • Starbuck2001

      the username was?

      • Martyn Lewis

        Hi Starbuck, my username was notthenewsreader

  • MarkoM

    Hello, Netrunner is great distro, for me its much better than Manjaro (NR had just right aplications) and becouse it is pure KDE. I have a problem, we need UEFI compatibilty and UEFI installer for new comps and right compatibilty with win dual boot.
    Thanx for great distro 🙂 best regards Marko.

  • QuasiMod

    My forum account has just been auto-banned for spam. I just did a little how-to fix guide with few links to Arch Linux wiki, manjaro repositories, and kde bug tracker, absolutely no ill intent. It says ban will be lifted: never. Account name is ugnius40, please can a live person look at that?

  • Roger O’Dell

    I can’t login, it keeps giving me “invalid user name/password” . When I go to request a new password, I get “invalid email” I need to login so I can post a problem with my audio.

    • Starbuck2001

      Hi Roger,
      what’s your username?

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/orb9220/ Orbmiser

    Your forum account is currently banned.
    Ban Reason: Automatically banned by the Akismet system for spamming. Ban will be lifted: Never

    Didn’t do any spamming links to my desktop images from flickr is the only thing I can think may be perceived as spam? No way to contact forum and ask What Up?

    • Starbuck2001

      Whats your forum account username, so someone can unban you?

      • http://www.flickr.com/photos/orb9220/ Orbmiser

        Same as this Orbmiser

      • Starbuck2001

        Should be unbanned.

  • Brock

    I am not a BSD user but ran accross this. Can some of these features like a tor mode be possible. I loved the stealth version you guys made bit a mode to switch on and off would be great!

  • Skyberneo Nge

    whats the bloody deal with this distro ?? Why would anyone in their right mind put a password on the live iso
    I download 14.1 and put on usb and I start it and login screen comes up with asking for password,

    tried all possibilities; live, toor, root, guest, netrunner, in,
    linux, unix NONE of these worked and I cant log in and install or
    even use the live

    WTF is wronghere, why do you not pur warninf and add the password in the download section ?? WTF 😛
    I am really frustrated right now

    ======does anyone know the password ><================

    With all due seriousness, whats the deal here…

  • Andy Goss

    I wanted to start a new thread on the forum, but although I can log in, when I hit the “New Thread” button I go to yet another login dialogue that says:

    You are either not logged in or do not have permission to view this page. This could be because one of the following reasons:

    You are not logged in or registered. Please use the form at the bottom of this page to login.
    You do not have permission to access this page. Are you trying to
    access administrative pages or a resource that you shouldn’t be? Check
    in the forum rules that you are allowed to perform this action.
    Your account may have been disabled by an administrator, or it may be awaiting account activation.
    You have accessed this page directly rather than using appropriate forms or links.
    If I enter my user name and password it does nothing, my user name and password just vanish.

    • Starbuck2001

      Hi Andy,
      note that our main URL has changed to netrunner.com.
      Maybe check any link you have bookmarked if its still pointed to netrunner-os.com (which still works, but gets you false authentication).

      • Andy Goss

        Thanks, that was the problem.

  • Holger Wagemann

    Hello, Netrunner 16 is a nice system. Trying to register in forum fails, because I might be a spammer. I’ve registerd in some linux forums, everytime with success. So, how can I get an account here?
    Reason for registering is trouble with nfs4 mounts. On debian it’s enough to install nfs-common, and a mount -a, and my nfs stuff is mounted. (NAS with Debian Jessie, Client with Debian Jessie). But with Netrunner 16 this does not work.

    • Starbuck2001

      Hi Holger,
      we are updating forums, so by now it should be possible to register again!
      As for NAS, there is a tool shipped in Netrunner. Simply look in “Networks” folder under your home directory, there is “Add Network Drive” icon. Double-click should help you find and mount NAS drives via fstab in a persistent state, so after reboot it remounts them automatically.

      • Holger Wagemann

        Hi Starbuck,
        thanks for your Feedback. I’ll try to register again. I’ve solved the issue with nfs, I’ve used hostname of nas in fstab, but have forgotten to add it in /etc/hosts, so the nas hostname could not be found. Now it works.

  • Jerry Jones

    I cannot register on the forums either. Like Holger Wagemann, the system thinks I am a spammer.

    • Starbuck2001

      Hi Jerry, can you try again? We have changed things again and it seems to be working now. Otherwise, what username are you trying to register, so we can have a look in our log files, what might went wrong, thanks.

  • brett

    Currently trying to update using Muon update manager, continously recieve update error. not sure where or what to do have just dumped windows and switched / Linux. any guidance will be appreciated

  • shambu

    Dell inspiron n4010 Wifi not working in Netrunner-os114.1

  • Thomas Clayton

    Great job on netrunner 16. I have to ask though….dont we have enough illuminati crap coming at us in the media? Why bring it to linux?

    • Starbuck2001

      Thanks Thomas!
      Netrunner has nothing to do with that supposedly existing group, so any reference is not intentional, I also doubt any of the artists working on the Ozymandias themeing had that in mind, but rather the imagery is in accordance with the poem of Shelley: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ozymandias#Comparison_of_the_two_poems

  • Garth Davison

    So Starbuck2001 I assume you are part of Netrunner ie either one of the devs or part of the team..

  • Satu Madu

    Really like Netrunner, but my inability to login to the forum is a negative. Registered last week, got the email confirmation, logged back in OK. But when I tried to login on following days got “invalid usrname/password’ error.
    Am definitely using the username and password I registered with.
    Am using a vpn, and have some privacy/security Firefox addons. Could that be the problem?

    • Starbuck2001

      Hi Satu, whats your username, so I can check?

      • Satu Madu

        Hi Starbuck, username is “mohinga”…

        • Starbuck2001

          It seems there is no user with that name, not even in “awaiting activation” status.

          Please try registering again and you should get an activation mail to the adress you provided.

          • Satu Madu

            OK, I did that… re-registered, got the confirmation email, logged in to forum, logged out, and logged in again. So far so good.
            But I didn’t mentioned that this was not the first time I encountered this problem. Earlier this year (March-ish) I had the same thing happen. i.e. “successful” registration, then afterwards no access.
            Anyway, for now, it’s working.
            thanks for your help.

          • Satu Madu

            So access to forum lasted only a few days. Tried to login today and got:

            “Please correct the following errors before continuing:
            You have entered an invalid username/password combination. ”
            But username and password are stored in browser; so no mistake there.

          • Starbuck2001

            Please check that you used the correct uRL: netrunner.com, not netrunner-os.com.

          • Satu Madu

            Yes I’ve been using “http://forums.netrunner.com”, where I registered, confirmed registration, logged-in successfully for a few days… until I couldn’t log in any more.

          • Starbuck2001

            Well, if you never post anything, then you dont need an account necessarily and also get deleted after a few idle days to prevent spammers and saving resources. So once you post a simple “hello” your account should be saved.

          • Satu Madu

            OK, but what to do now since I can’t login to post “hello”? Do I need to re-register? If so, and I post “hello”, is the account then saved for good? Or does the system require postings every few days thereafter?

  • nilzon

    Netrunner 16 question: Why is the desktop icons covered by the panel? They should adjust their position to be outside the panel. What can you do to correct this?
    Regards/ nilzon, Sweden

  • philip

    I have gravitated back to Netrunner after a sojorn serching for the eternal
    answer to the question of “how do I get my laptops on board wifi and
    bluetooth to function” , it having a

    Broadcom Corporation BCM43142 802.11b/g/n (rev 01)


    I have travelled across the vastness of ciberspace downloaded many
    distros and even installed them on my hard drive but to no avail.

    windows 8.1 became a casualty along the way, so I am stuck shouting into
    the abyss untill I can get hold of another copie……….
    or…….someone can give me exact, fool proof directions as to how I
    can get the wifi with afore mentioned card to scan and the internal
    bluetooth to work as I am sick and tired of following endless threads to
    links that waste hours and go no where……….this is very true of
    ubuntu and debian.

    I have downloaded the Arch rolling release version, and I must say that
    it detected and loaded the right drivers for the right card and even
    started making all the right noises with wl………..as a starting
    point it’s very good but i just need to get it to start connecting up to
    the wifi full strength 24/7!
    As to the reason I am posting here instead of bothering the guy at the
    forums…I can not login…….tried………but i can not login.

    regards Phil.

  • GT

    I tried to register to the forum to post a question but i got the following error: “Sorry, but you cannot register at this time because the administrator has disabled new account registrations”. Please answer to this comment when this issue has been resolved.

  • SOS ONU Brasil

    he program ‘pcsx’ received an X Window System error.
    This probably reflects a bug in the program.
    The error was ‘BadAlloc (insufficient resources for operation)’.
    (Details: serial 75 error_code 11 request_code 150 minor_code 19)
    (Note to programmers: normally, X errors are reported asynchronously;
    that is, you will receive the error a while after causing it.
    To debug your program, run it with the –sync command line
    option to change this behavior. You can then get a meaningful
    backtrace from your debugger if you break on the gdk_x_error() function.)
    what did?