Download 13.06

Netrunner 13.06

SIZE: ~1.3 GB
MD5: e28ad9c8153d89bd68b6edcc9f9e2d7d

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SIZE: ~1.3 GB
MD5: 9d16c290b537d3d7b1182c464152c3a1

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Thanks to LinuxFreedom and LayerJet for providing mirrors!


This is a hybrid ISO: You may use unetbootin (or imagewriter) for putting it on an USB stick or burn it directly to DVD.

If you experience any installation issues with 64bit machines and (U)EFI, please see if you can select non UEFI boot option from invoking boot menu of your BIOS.

If you run Netrunner in a VirtualBox for testing, please use the 32bit version, 10 GB disk and 1024 MB RAM.