Netrunner 17.10

64-bit ISO

Server Torrent


Version Debian Testing Snapshot · Plasma 5.11.2
Size 2.5 GB
Sha256 2e5968ce52f41ec04c53cb7b5b9520efca8a995c6fb0f3f81a9f2132e403b7a6

Netrunner Core 17.01

64-bit ISO

Server Torrent


Version Debian Snapshot 2016.12.11 · Plasma 5.8.2
Size 1.3 GB
Sha256 50cd71fea8318e36fcaf58c81892558f91549f3eae81ce45d769714de9215055


Netrunner Rolling 2017.07

64-bit ISO

Server Torrent


Version Manjaro · Plasma 5.10.3
Size 2.3 GB
Sha256 7e453b413274780e50662dd13b07f54d0e6ebd2faef7d26b35902590a31273d4


  • Check sha256 to make sure the downloaded file is genuine.
  • If you run Netrunner in VirtualBox, make sure it has 1200 MB RAM and 16 GB diskspace.
  • We recommend using usb-creator-kde/gtk or imagewriter (Linux version or Windows version) for “burning” the ISO or IMG onto an USB stick or microSDcard.
  • Please turn Secure Boot OFF in your BIOS or UEFI by invoking boot menu (usually via pressing F12 or ESC-key during boot).
  • German Ghermain

    Finally! … I’m already down to install it on my machine … Chao other distributions, I am alone with Netrunner, is wonderful.

    • Thefender91

      Ehm ehm…Not “Chao” but “Ciao” please..

      • Starbuck2001

        lol 🙂

      • Likk Mii

        Whatever. Time for some Chow !

      • Bernard Tremblay

        Or is it “Chaos” ??? ;=)

      • MaximoGeek

        Chao is used in south america.

      • Phoghat

        each is correct in certain locales

  • Jan-Arvid Arvidsen

    this is a linux distro isnt it? then how come its impossible to rightclick to get the download link and use it with wget? at least i couldnt figure out how. in the end i had to download with firefox and ended up with a md5 mismatch

    • technomancer

      go to firefox preferences, applications tab, check which file types you have set up to use wget, kget is what i used, but ktorrent is much better. just set to open torrent with your fav program. goes for any type of download. hope that helps.

    • German Ghermain

      Most of the downloads performed with Flareget, is a good alternative for Linux similar to Windows IDM.

      • Oddinary Man

        or you could run proz -k=30 -r from terminal

    • diensthunds

      Hover your mouse over the Download from Server tab. right click, select copy link location, in terminal type wget then hold shift and ctrl and press v then press enter. Don’t know how that is so complicated.

    • zoolasly2
    • Starbuck2001

      There is a mirror-switch in the links, here is our own public download server:

    • Hector Zelaya

      use wget -c –trust-server-name paste-your-link-here
      For example for the rolling 64 bit version:
      wget -c –trust-server-name

  • technomancer

    how to upgrade from 13.06 to 13.12 ?

    • Starbuck2001

      We are working on an upgrade script hopefully released this month, but we need to carefully test first to minimize possible fallbacks which could leave users with a non-working system.

      • technomancer

        Great! Thank you for all the hard work put into the best KDE Linux.

  • Kwabena

    Ok guys, I’ve just installed your beautiful OS..

    Wanna share some things:

    – installation: I had problems about “bad iso boot”, as you described, but it was about using Unetbootin, so I followed instructions on ubuntu forum how to “burn iso on usb” via command line, and after that, everything went smooooth. So, for me that worked for 64bit version on Acer Netbook (4gb ram, Intell Celeron).
    – OS: What to say…I’m not programmer but also not noobie in Linux, and I tried many KDEs and other ones, but when talk about KDE, you people did EVERYTHING PERFECT! Not a single glitch about anything! Bravo! Please, just be cool, and maintaine your “baby”, cuz it really deserves. Good luck!

    Greetings from Serbia!

  • Kaf Shiel

    Downloading now via torrent. I will test the live ISO with a USB pen. Wish I had a spare computer to test it properly but let’s see how it behaves in my netbook first. Thanks for your work. I got the news from Softpedia’s site.

  • Adam L. Ross

    Hey How can I install and run Sim City 5 and iTunes 11 on NetRunner OS?

    • technomancer

      Play on Linux, but i dont use iTunes its garbage software.
      google play on linux, it has a list of programs it can run. otherwise create a virtual machine of windows and run programs from there.

      • Adam L. Ross

        oh a VM good idea thanks

        • technomancer

          good luck with that apple stuff. Apple and Microsoft are exactly the same, everything on their terms. Thats why Linux is so important.

        • Keegan Choffat

          I know how that is. I used to have an iPod Touch and tried to sync it with Linux. Unfortunately Apple forces you to use iTunes. Thats why I picked up a cheap Android phone and never put a SIM card in it. The Moto G is only 99$ right now, no contract. But if you want to keep your iPod Touch, try installing Plex, then put all your music in one folder and tell Plex which folder it is in. Then buy the Plex app for 5$ and you can stream all your music from your home computer.

      • Keegan Choffat

        iTunes is garbage. Try Plex or Google Play for mobile support, or any of the thousands of amazing Linux music suites.

  • Rickard

    Netrunner is great, I love it !!!
    Easy to install with Universal USB Installer.

  • Christian Rumbinas

    so i need a lightweight os for the school partition of my hard drive that is kinda like the chromium os does the fit the bill?

    • Jim Kirkey

      Hello Christian; One of the smallest, lightest Linux OSs I’m aware of is Puppy Linux. You can check out the facts on “Distrowatch”, or Google “Puppy Linux” in your browser. Hoping this is of help to you. Jim

      P.S. If you really want a nice Linux distro, you can’t beat Netrunner!

    • Cosgun vistas

      Hey, try a variant of Ubuntu like Xubuntu or Lubuntu.

    • Krystian Jan

      Hi, lets put ‘lightweight linux distro’ in google and take wiki website;) You will get a lot of possible distros. However I like Porteus linux, You can make preconfiguration on porteus website and download iso. You can also consider Alpine linux (which is very small and safe, but is independent distro) and Crunchbang (very stable small based on Debian). Good Luck!

  • Archit Kaushik

    Isn’t there any mini or minimal edition?

    • roader

      Maybe you might want to make one yourself with manjaroiso (for the rolling release )

  • Saheel

    When is the 64 bit version coming out for infinity ? Can’t wait

    • Starbuck2001

      Hi Saheel, could be end of the week, meaning: as soon as its ready.

  • roader

    Great news , finally a Manjaro who cares about KDE.

  • Ken Bradley

    64 bit me please.

  • adrian adeva

    What for when netrunner rollign release 64bit?

  • Egor Orlov

    The best i ever used. And i tried a lot) x64

    Thank’s a lot!

  • Mitchell Theobald

    keen to give the rolling release a go!

  • Planet of Linux

    When will netrunner rolling version based on Manjaro 0.8.10 be out.

    • Starbuck2001

      4-5 weeks, doing 0.8.11 if available.

      • Planet of Linux

        What do you mean

        • Starbuck2001

          in 4-5 weeks, doing a snapshot of 0.8.11 if available.
          If you mean when is 0.8.10 update available for Netrunner Rolling: Right now if you install 2014.04, as it is _rolling_, that means you can enter at any snapshot point and be able to update to latest versions. Manjaro repos are available as is in Netrunner Rolling.

  • Jorge Enrique

    Nice Distro!!!

  • Pogo

    Maybe somebody here will make it clear what the differences are between the “rolling” releases and “ubuntu/debian,” besides the base system. Why can’t the “ubuntu/debian” releases be “rolling?”

    • Starbuck2001

      Ubuntu changes base every 6 months. Of course it could be made true rolling sticking to one base indefinately and porting back everything. Debian itself is rolling, so for a rolling debian-based KDE distro there are Tanglu and SolydK for example.

      • Pogo

        Can an ubuntu or Netrunner user (with the ubuntu/debian version) avoid having to start over every six months with configuration, etc?

        • Starbuck2001

          Sure, there are upgrade paths via scripts to get you on the new software base repositories. So depending on view and definition, one can manually turn any Ubuntu-based distro like Netrunner into a semi-rolling type.
          Arch-based system are said to have other advantages (and disadvantages) compared to Ubuntu (there Debian itself is rolling btw.), like supposed to being a slightly more snappy, more lightweighed-felt system, simpler packaging, while on the other hand being a little different/harder to manage (not such advanced graphical tools for installation and package management, but it’s getting there).

  • TK

    Netrunner 14 64x give a error when i’m going to install it….
    something about a keyboard layout….can i know what’s wrong with it…because i love this OS…. <3

    • Starbuck2001

      Can you try this:
      Make sure the internet connection is OFF (disconnect from cable or dont provide any password to wifi), boot into the Live desktop
      session, then execute the installer, and at the ‘Keyboard setup’,
      Netrunner will fall back to its default setting (‘US’).

      • TK

        will try it and get back to you…. 🙂

  • bigbadassassin

    downloading netrunner rolling with proz -k=30 -r

  • Krzysztof Kiersznowski

    which wersion is beter to using onli live dvd

  • The Uknown Guy

    Hey guys I have a toshiba laptop with secure boot selected to eufi This is the error maessage read as-“the grub-efi-amd64-signed package failed to install into /target/. Without the GRUB bootloader the system will not load” how can I fix this

  • The Uknown Guy

    I have a toshiba laptop and I This is the error maessage read as-“the grub-efi-amd64-signed package failed to install into /target/. Without the GRUB bootloader the system will not load” how can I fix this netrunner runs fine from live usb

  • saga

    Hi guys, I’m trying to install de distro netrunner 14 frontier in a
    virtual machine, and it doesn’t work because when I select the option
    “start Netrunner” the program hang up and do nothing. can you help me?
    thank’s. I saw some pictures and I’ve reading about linux distros and this seems interesting. If you could help me I’ll be very grateful.

    • Starbuck2001

      Hi saga, hard to tell what’s causing this, if you join our forums, we might help you there better…

      • saga

        thank’s… really, I’m going to do it…

  • Mi Pen

    I have Netrunner Frontier running on my main i3 dual boot PC…with steam on it i’ve barely touched my Windows partition.

  • Alfonso Hernandez Montoya

    Tengo Netrunner 13 pero como le hago para actualizarlo a Netrunner 14 Frontier Amigos Saludos

  • Guest

    Hi I want to do a complete uninstall of my current netrunner rolling
    release, and install de 2014.09 version. What folders I have to delete
    in my home folder?

  • Jakk

    You say to use ImageWriter to burn to a flash drive… is this a program? I looked in the Kubutu repository and nothing came up.

    • Starbuck2001

      Yes, added some link to packaged versions of imagewriter in case it is not available.

    • Kevin Winn

      Open a konsole window. Copy this and paste it in:

      dd if=foo.iso of=/dev/bar bs=14M

      Where foo.iso is your netrunner iso, and /dev/bar is your usb drive.

  • sateesh reddy

    which kde version it have??

    • Starbuck2001

      Main Version has KDE4.13, Rolling has KDE4.14.

  • GR Gaudreau

    I installed Netrunner Rolling early this morning and have been running it all day since. This is a very nice distro. I’m a Manjaro fan, but I have to say that I prefer the look of Net Runner. I’m not crazy about Manjaro’s green look. Don’t get me wrong, Manjaro is great, but Netrunner is better looking. The NR team has done a a really great job, ad not just on the looks.

  • Gabriela Knoll

    There is still no updated 14 iso ? So the Installer is still buggy and not correct translated ??

  • Christopher Robert Evans

    Can you add an existing linux upgrade feature ? be nice to finally upgrade this ubuntu 12.10 linux server with out damaging existing LAMP stack applications.

    • Starbuck2001

      Hi Christopher,
      Ubuntu for server seems like a good choice.
      Since Netrunner is mainly for desktop use, I personally wouldn’t risk updating to Netrunner on that server machine just for the interface change…

  • richirich1954

    torrent or server over 3 hours to download, you’ll lose out to other distros

  • Greg Zeng

    Netrunner (Kubuntu-derived) is better than the “Rolling” (Manjaro) base. It is quicker, easier to update to the latest versions of kernels, apps, due to Ubuntu’s PPA method.

    I found that the Arch AUR updates don’t always work. Often they are not available, though the PPA method is available.

  • Huw McNamara

    Why does it have such specific requirements for use in VirtualBox?

  • Justan

    Does the Arch/Manjaro version use KDE5.x?

  • Gregori Pichardo

    When is the next snapshot of netrunner rolling coming out? It was supposed to be up by february according to the 3-4 month release schedule but it still isn’t. I have problems running plasma 5 and i want to try installing it from a distro that comes with it out of the box
    and not with the plasma 4 to see if it makes any difference.

    • Rusty Miller

      Netrunner 15 Prometheus comes with Plasma 5.2 by default. It runs pretty smooth. There is a few minor issues for me, but other than that, it’s very usable and I use it as my primary distro. It doesn’t make me angry when I use it, and that’s really all I need in order to continue using something that has any problems at all. I was hesitant to try it myself, because of Plasma 5 being so new and I didn’t really want to experience bugs. But the overall experience has been pretty great, since I decided to go ahead and try it. Just don’t forget to backup things just in case. I learned my lesson, when I switched from Linux Mint to Ubuntu and a few other distros for a while… I didn’t backup my files that I wanted to keep and I had to recreate them. (I do some graphic design and I had Elder Scrolls Online installed via PlayOnLinux and forgot to backup the folders, so I wouldn’t have to reinstall)

    • Starbuck2001

      Hi Gregori,

      Netrunner Rolling is based on Manjaro/Arch and the new 0.9 Manjaro ISOs with Plasma 5 are still only in pre-release-mode:
      Therefore we will wait at least until an official release comes out and then decide if simply “rolling out” a new customized ISO of Netrunner based on 0.9, or attempt an update path (the latter could be difficult, as KDE4 and Plasma5 are quite different underlying technologies with totally broken up Frameworks, new Qt5 version, etc. which lead to many potential pitfalls when just upgrading…). So best is wait and see how things go on the upstream side before making any too early half-baked attempt.

      • Gregori Pichardo

        Thank you for the heads-up Starbuck2001. I guess I’ll wait some more then 🙂 I love netrunner and i wish i could use it right now, but just upgrading from plasma 4 to plasma 5 gives me a black screen after login in. If i try the prometheus live cd, it does get to the desktop just fine and i can use it.

  • Mike Bender

    Heads up. Rolling release Torrent link returning ‘Problem connecting to tracker’.

  • Rusty Miller

    Netrunner 15 Prometheus doesn’t currently allow me to change themes, or icons. The desktop themes software doesn’t even run when I click on it from the kicker menu. When I click on Icons it loads that up, and I can choose a theme and apply it, but it never actually changes, even if I restart the computer. Also there is a little error that shows up during boot, but it bypasses that error and allows me to finish booting up the computer into the OS desktop. Those are the only problems I’ve experienced on the Netrunner 15 Prometheus version. With those problems fixed, I’d say that it would feel like a complete project. At least for myself, and my usage habits. I am still relatively new to Linux, but I’ve learned a lot, and have switched to various distros and so far this is my favorite one.

    • Starbuck2001

      Hi Rusty,
      that sounds really odd…. now we fixed the hell out of Plasma 5.2 to make it useable, but we will especially look out for this in upcoming Plasma 5.3, which will be default in Netrunner 16 (hopefully with also a smooth upgrade path then).

      • Rusty Miller

        It is odd, feels odd to me. I love the Plasma 5 Netrunner though, I use it as my main distro. I just wish the icons would change on the taskbar and in the kicker menu just like they do in the files, when I change the icon pack. I also wish that I could change the theme. I just want to see what else is out there. I like the default theme, I just like to change things and see how they will look with a different design from time to time. Also I noticed that if I change the kicker launcher menu style to the default Plasma 5 style, the custom icon that you guys created for it, disappears and when I switch back to the one you setup by default it no longer can be used. I don’t know where it is. I like your custom icon better than the default KDE one. You guys did a great job so far, I just hope those problems I’m experiencing will be fixed eventually. I do know how to use the terminal to clear cache and other things, and I’ve tried that but it doesn’t fix it. I am relatively new to Linux though.

    • Leszek Lesner

      Themes == Plasma themes or do you mean the widget themes ?
      As for icon themes it works fine here.

      Maybe your cache is broken. After a change of the icon theme or any other theme can you remove the files in ~/.cache/ and relogin to see if it works now.

      • Rusty Miller

        When I say themes, I mean what the window design, and taskbar look like. When I say icons I mean everywhere in the system, not just in the file manager. I like the Future icon theme I found in the Icons manager thing, but they don’t show up on the taskbar or in the kicker launcher menu. Instead I only see the default icons.

        I have actually cleared my cache and it didn’t fix it. So I’m not really sure what is going on. It’s hard to explain, as I’m relatively new to Linux, but I do know common sense, and I have educated myself on how to access the things I’m trying to. I don’t try something unless I have seen it done, and I understand the process it takes to do it. I have learned a lot, and I can navigate a lot of things from the terminal already and I have only been using Linux for a short while. It’s all thanks to the folks on Youtube, and Google+ that have been showing ‘new users’ how to do things.

        This is my favorite distro, despite the problems I’m experiencing. I have tried many distros. I started with Linux Mint as my first attempt with GNU/Linux and all I use now is Netrunner 15 Prometheus and Elementary OS on my computer. This is a custom built gaming computer, which originally had Windows 7 installed on it, but no longer does. The games I play all work on Netrunner for me, I just had to do a little tweaking in PlayOnLinux settings to get them just right. I didn’t really mind doing that, I enjoy learning new things.

        If you have any suggestions on ways to possibly fix the issues I’m experiencing, I’d definitely be willing to try.

  • Skyberneo Nge

    whats the bloody deal with this distro ?? Why would anyone in their right mind put a password on the live iso
    I download 14.1 and put on usb and I start it and login screen comes up with asking for password,

    I tried all possibilities; live, toor, root, guest, netrunner, in, linux, unix NONE of these worked and I cant log in and install or even use the live

    WTF is wronghere, why do you not pur warninf and add the password in the download section ?? WTF 😛
    I am really frustrated right now

    ======does anyone know the password ><================

    With all due seriousness, whats the deal here…

    • Rusty Miller

      I never encountered a password pre-setup that I didn’t setup myself, with any distro before. That is very odd.

    • Leszek Lesner

      This is an unusual problem as we don’t have a password set at all.
      Normaly it just boots right into the desktop like almost every live system out there.

      Could you please check the md5sum of the ISO to make sure the ISO you downloaded isn’t corrupt.
      If it is and you still get the login manager it means that the initial desktop crashed so hard it ended up again in the login manager.
      Can you login without entering a password from there ?

      • Jondice

        I had the same issue when trying Netrunner 17; greeted by the plasma login screen and unable to login. I then tested the usb stick on another system and Netrunner 17 was able to login to live mode without problems, so it does seem to be a problem with specific hardware. I was running an Nvidia 750Ti on the problematic system, but the other system that Netrunner worked on also had an Nvidia gpu.

    • Lord Obama

      Just ignore the password, just hit enter and leave it blank…

      Mine does this too, thought it was normal…

    • Eddy Setiabudi Wijaya

      buy laptop with dvdrw on it.consider not waste your time when u try linux distros whenever u want

  • 2lives2fly

    What a gigantic wasting of time. First over an hour downloading and making a DVD, then a few more hours trying it out and installing. All went great until,,, the traditional few updates, maybe 15 total. Minutes later and I received something like, THERE IS A PROBLEM RETRIEVING UPDATES message. I chose this (14.1) because its supposed to be a “Long Term Support” version. How about an; OPTION TO GET/INSTALL UPDATES DURING THE INSTALL PROCESS? Anyway, I checked-out the REPOS. and UN-ticked the one that said restricted access, no help. Several minutes later I receive the message that I have other updates, “400”

  • 2lives2fly


    • Starbuck2001

      Hi 2lives2fly,

      Netrunner 16 features Plasma 5.3 with several patches supposed to land in Plasma 5.4. Generally updating everything of a distro may lead to introducing unexpected behaviour, depending mostly on the system components and software used, like that recent MESA/intel bug. In case of Netrunner 14 LTS, we are shortly releasing ISO 14.2 which will have latest packages from that branch tested to work.

  • samba

    installed kubuntu 15.04 and manjaro kde to test plasma 5.3. all this version gave me continous segmentation fault warning popups continously even after i applied update. frustrated and uninstalled both and now tried netrunner 16 and all i can i say is the best .
    netrunner 16 is best kde and very stable.

  • N. Paul

    Netrunner 16 has been great for me on the Acer C720. Enjoying this distribution.

  • Jon McHenry

    Downloaded Netrunner Rolling Edition 2015.11 rc3. I don’t know what you guys did different but NIGHT and DAY difference between that and 2015.09. I had almost given up on the distro because of the bugginess and slowness of 2015.09, however 2015.11 is a thing of beauty. It’s lightning fast, gorgeous and just plain simple to use. Somehow you guys were able to merge Kubuntu, Netrunner and Manjaro into a masterpiece. WELL DONE.

  • Borgi Amine

    hi 32bit ????
    Netrunner 17 (Horizon)

  • Guilherme Th

    When 32bit ????

    • WarfaceZ

      why 32bit ? 😀

      • KevinM

        For old 32 bit systems – simple

  • Guilherme Th

    17 Horizon ?

    • Starbuck2001

      Netrunner 18 LTS will very like feature a 32bit version again, as its supported 2+ years.

  • Emil Lars de Klerk

    I Just got Rolling 2016.01,, Man oh man! Boy oh Boy! Stable (up to now at least) , responsive, well rounded, beautiful and everything you need…. really have no issues…. This makes finally leaving Windows a very inviting idea…. now steam needs to be a good boy and make linux versions of all games compulsory.
    Props to all the Netrunner contributers! Thank You!

    • lordhz

      can you provide a download link for Rolling 2016.01, because I can’t find it anywhere

  • Petr Herynk

    Why I have a problem with kontact. I cannot send off my mails. Netrunner is tne best in all distros of linux.

    • Starbuck2001

      Hi Petr,
      thanks for your kind words.
      Please use our forum for the mail question, I am sure we can help to find out whats wrong.