Netrunner 19.08  (Indigo)

64-bit ISO

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Base: Debian Stable · Plasma 5.14.5
Size: 2.4 GB
Sha256: a08c671d951e997b1f74813f413367eded2733e3b17f528047da8d592c629096
Live-mode user/pwd: live/live

Netrunner Core 19.01

64-bit ISO

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Base: Debian Stable · Plasma 5.14.5
Size: 1.7 GB
Sha256: 5ecb43c9488bf1d2b366b93a0015facb978edd8c15bef7497dee60a8cb37b8c3
Live-mode user/pwd: live/live

Note: Rolling Installation mediums are no longer released, read here.


  • Check sha256 to make sure the downloaded file is genuine.
  • If you run Netrunner in VirtualBox, make sure it has 1,200 MB RAM and 16 GB diskspace.
  • We recommend using usb-creator-kde/gtk or imagewriter (Linux version or Windows version) for “burning” the ISO or IMG onto an USB stick or microSDcard.
  • Please turn Secure Boot OFF in your BIOS or UEFI by invoking boot menu (usually via pressing F12 or ESC-key during boot).