Known Issues

Here is a list of all known issues for current release (Netrunner 4.1):

No Sound: Please open “Mixer” by clicking on kmix (volume slider in tray): Check if PCM slider is set to zero and pull it up.

Maildir-Error at first startup after installation (source: Kubuntu regression)

  • Solution: Simply ignore on first startup

If you know of any solutions or workarounds for these issues,
or you stumble over a bug, please let us know in the forum under this topic.

Note: If you want to try out Netrunner running in a VirtualBox, please make sure to give it 1024 MB RAM.



Here is a list of all known issues for older releases (Netrunner 4.0):

Muon: Please use synaptic or apt-get for updating, muon currently has a bug which makes it freeze during update (source: Kubuntu regression).