Release Schedules

Netrunner Desktop / Core

Netrunner Desktop and Core are based on Debian Testing.
Netrunner Core is a minimal version based on the desktop release.
We plan to release an updated installation medium every 6-9 months.

Version Codename Based on Release Date
Netrunner 19.01 Blackbird Debian Testing 2019-01-12
Netrunner 18.03 Idolon Debian Testing 2018-03-11
Netrunner 17.10 Voyager Debian Testing 2017-11-12
Netrunner 17.06 Daedalus Debian Testing 2017-06-30
Netrunner 17.03 Cyclotron  Debian Testing 2017-03-31
Netrunner 17.01 Baryon Debian Testing 2017-01-01
Netrunner 16.09 Avalon Debian Jessie 8.3 2016-11-05


Netrunner Rolling

Rolling Releases are based on Manjaro/Arch.
They don’t have a codename and carry year and month (YYYY.MM) as their version number.
We plan to update the installation medium at least every ~6 months.

Version Release Date
Netrunner Rolling 2018.08 2018-08-05
Netrunner Rolling 2018.01 2018-01-26
Netrunner Rolling 2017.07 2017-07-18
Netrunner Rolling 2016.01 2016-02-17
Netrunner Rolling 2015.11 2015-11-13
Netrunner Rolling 2015.09 2015-10-03
Netrunner Rolling 2014.09 2014-09-25
Netrunner Rolling 2014.04 2014-04-04



past (discontinued or legacy) versions

Kubuntu-based Releases (discontinued)

Kubuntu-based releases followed the same 6 months release cycle and LTS as Ubuntu.
Kubuntu-based releases were targeted around ~8-12 weeks after a KUbuntu Release, having a 9 months support life for regular releases and a 2-year support life for LTS releases.
The official support for any LTS and all subsequent update releases (.point releases) ends with the release of the next LTS.

Each Release has a distinct version number and codename:
Preceding each new LTS release are 3 snapshot releases followed by the LTS release itself and 3 subsequent updates.
That means that each LTS cycle has a 2-year active support life and is replaced by a new LTS on its release date.
The update releases of the current LTS and the ongoing regular releases are happening in parallel.
The current active LTS version is Maui 1 (Aurora).

Releases Based on
LTS Updates   Date
Maui 1 LTS (Aurora) (aka Netrunner 18 LTS)
xenial (lts)
please visit
Netrunner 17 (Horizon) wily     2015-12
Netrunner 16 (Ozymandias) vivid Netrunner 14.2 (Frontier)   2015-04
Netrunner 15 (Prometheus) utopic Netrunner 14.1 (Frontier)   2015-01
Netrunner 14 LTS (Frontier) trusty (lts)
 Netrunner 13.12 (Enigma II) saucy     2014-01
 Netrunner 13.06 (Enigma) raring     2013-07
 Netrunner 12.12 (Dryland III) quantal     2012-12
Netrunner 4.2 LTS (Dryland II) precise (lts)
 Netrunner 4 (Dryland) oneiric     2011-12
 Netrunner 3 (Chromatic) natty     2011-04
 Netrunner 2 (Blacklight) lucid     2010-07
 Netrunner 1 (Albedo) karmic     2010-03