Tech Specs




Netrunner runs KDE:
The K Desktop Environment makes it easy to modify settings and configure plasmoids.

  • Alex Thierry

    KDE-based distributions are not so frequent to see, some Gnome-based are even trying to recreate a KDE-like experience (like Linux Mint).
    But they are far behind Netrunner any way you look at it. Netrunner is really one of the best Linux distributions, so sad that it’s a derivative of a derivative (Kubuntu) of a derivative (Ubuntu) of a core distro (Debian)… But this way, we are sure of that the system is complete and easy to use!

    • TURBO

      Best distro so far. First that I dont need to install or configure anything. Oh, it’s also Android ready. Not all distros are. Enjoy the future!!


      • Jefferson Wagenknecht

        I wanto to test this distro, I´m using Elementary OS now, what yoou mean by “Android ready” can I install Android apps on it?

    • Keegan Choffat

      I actually like the fact that it’s Ubuntu based. You can always visit Ubuntu and Mint communities for support and packages. The only thing better would be an Arch based distro with a .AUR software store, because the volunteers at Arch sure do know bleeding edge and have packages almost immediately.

  • Alexonline

    Мне понравился этот дистрибутив. Ушел с Минт-а+кде, после 3-х летнего прибывания. Последний Минт бал 14.
    I like this Distrib. I go away from linux Mint, after 3 year use this. Last Mint distrib is 14. Now i use netrunner. It`s Great!

    • Rupki

      What about to use true Linux and Unix conception? One task – one program … OpenBox + GUI config + any File Manager – even Windows based Total Commander!

  • Михаил Алимпиев

    Перепробывал все дистрибутивы из первых 30 на distrowatch – netrunner – лучший…стоит и дома и в офисе! Спасибо разработчикам!

  • Gary Reardon

    I have been thinking about switching from windows to a Linux distro. I have been trying different ones out on virtual box. I am installing netrunner now on it. it looks like it has everything I already use (virtual box,vlc player) installed and ready to go. so this may be the winner!!

  • Guido

    Hi All, I’m new and I’ve being trying distros and desktop enviroments since 1 year and a half. I have a lot of disgruntled feelings about all the base distros (red hat, debian, etc) after a lot of research and reinstalls I’ve discovered and installed this distro yesterday. So far, the best decision 🙂 I’ll keep an eye so if I can help you with something, I’ll definitely do. The concept (design + kde + integrations) its really superb, congratulations. Cheers from Argentina and keep the good work!!!

  • Admir S. Ferrarezi

    Sistema muito bem amparado, é muito além de uma distribuição. Tanto usual em notebook ou netbook, consome bem menos memória, reconhece todo o sistema e drivers, é rapido e estabilissimo. Melhor que muitos outros. Apaguei o Windows 7 e 8dos meus aparelhos e coloquei Netrunner em todos. Configurei as maquinas e elas funcionam fastasticamente perfeitas e seguras. Quem me conhece, recomendo este sistema maravilhoso! KDE maravilha, sistema maravilha, Ubuntu, Mint e Kubuntu são excelentes, mas Netrunner é muito além delas, pois tem o melhor de todas em um unico lugar, ou seja, simplesmente é Netrunner!

  • Admir S. Ferrarezi

    Já usei Opensuse, Mandriva, Fedora, Mint e Kubuntu, Slack e derivados, Sabayon e por ai vai… mas Netrunner me surpreendeu! essas outras são muito boas, mas Netrunner, ultrapassa em facilidade e segurança, configuração, uso profissional e particular! Desde configuração de 3G, 4G, Wifi ou qualquer outro, aqui neste sistema Netrunner, voce configura facilmente e tudo funciona perfeitamente! E o visual com kde, fica lindo!