Introducing: Netrunner Core 16.09 “Avalon”

After a 1 year period of extended testing, the Netrunner team is proud to release Netrunner CORE: 1609 “Avalon”. What is Netrunner CORE? Netrunner Core (like its upcoming big brother Netrunner Desktop) is based on Debian Stable with the latest Qt, Plasma, Framework and KDE Applications. CORE is the streamlined version of the upcoming full […]

Upgrade Script Netrunner 17 -> Ubuntu Xenial (16.04 LTS) base

These instructions upgrade Netrunner 17 to the Ubuntu Xenial 16.04 LTS base. Please use at your own risk and make sure to make a backup of your personal data first before attempting the upgrade. On a btrfs partition it is highly recommend to create a snapshot of your current filesystem state. You can do so with the command […]


Ubuntu based Netrunner becomes Maui Linux

The Netrunner Team is happy to announce the immediate availability of “Maui Linux 1“. What is Maui? Maui will continue as the previously Kubuntu based version of the Netrunner desktop line: What basically would have equalled “Netrunner 18″ on Ubuntu base is released under the new name “Maui 1″. Maui marks the transition from Kubuntu […]

Netrunner 2016.01 Rolling
ARCH-based with Plasma 5.5.4

Netrunner Rolling 2016.01 released

3 months in the making, we are happy to announce the release of Netrunner Rolling 2016.01 – 64bit version. Despite the versioning, 2016.01 comes with the latest of KDE like Plasma 5.5.4 and KDE Applications 15.12.2. This release marks one change from previously released pre-packaged ISOs: We’ve decided not to ship akonadi and the KDE […]

Plasma 5.5.3 update for Netrunner 17

Plasma 5.5.3 together with Frameworks 5.18 has arrived to Netrunner via the backports ppa. Since backports is already enabled in Netrunner 17, you can simply upgrade via the muon updater or command line: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get dist-upgrade For more info read here: For any issues please report in our forums.