Netrunner Desktop 17.01 released

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The Netrunner Team is happy to announce the immediate availability of Netrunner Desktop 17.01 – 64bit ISO.
Note: We have updated the current ISO to 17.01.1 to include some previously missing firmware drivers for certain wireless cards from the nonfree section of Debian.

Netrunner Desktop 17.01 “Baryon” has jumped from Debian Jessie to snapshot “20161211” of the upcoming Debian Stretch.
This means the system can be kept on a certain version stack, while it is also easy to enable the corresponding repositories for continously tested updates.

Netrunner Desktop adds the usual selection of software applications like KDEnlive, Gimp, VLC, Libreoffice, Audacious, Steam, Skype, Transmission, Virtualbox, Krita, Inkscape and many more.

Here is an overview of what’s new in Netrunner Desktop 17.01:

  • Debian Stretch – Testing Snapshot “20161211”
  • Linux Kernel 4.8.0-2
  • Plasma 5.8.2
  • Frameworks 5.27
  • Qt 5.7.1
  • KDE Applications 16.08.2
  • Firefox 50.0.2
  • Thundebird 45.3

You can find the 64-bit ISO in the download section and ask for help or report any issues in our Desktop forums section.

  • Jaroslaw Osadtchiy

    Why so retarding, out of date Plasma, KF5, and especially ancient KDE Applications??? It’s a shame for Netrunner!!! :(((

    • Jacob Moen

      Compared to what?
      It is Debian – even Debian testing is quite stable, compared to other distributions..

      • ukbeast

        I had not realised that Jessie still has KDE plasma 4.11.13. 0.0

        • Starbuck2001

          Yes, so Netrunner 16.09 had Plasma 5.7.5 on Debian Jessie and Netrunner 17.01 has switched to Stretch/Testing with 5.8.2.

    • Starbuck2001

      Hi Jaroslaw,

      Netrunner 16.09 was Plasma 5.7.5, so everything shipped in 17.01 is newer default. Please note that 5.8.2 is the latest default in Stretch when we snapshotted and tested, so we haven’t even started on backporting anything, but it is all prepared to be activated easily with one clicks for getting newer tested versions continously. Please bear with us and be patient as Debian is a big mothership and we have just docked on to it with our first version 3 months ago and preparing for quicker and quicker updates in the future.

  • ukbeast

    I’ve never seen so many different versions.
    What’s happened with the Ubuntu base? and what was the decision to drop Manjaro base? (A lot has changed in my one and a half year of absence)

    I’ll check out 17.01.1 later on VB due to my curiosity.

    • Starbuck2001

      What do you mean with “so many versions”?
      There is Desktop and Core, which the latter is available for x86 and arm cpus, that’s it.

      Any past versions should all have been cleaned up from this website by now, so you only see the current released ones.

  • cme33

    Hey everyone,
    is there currently a way to install 17.01 onto a luks-encrypted LVM?
    I saw that Calamares should support this by now, but it has to be enabled separately?

    Are there any other options?

    • cme33

      Well, looks like neither Netrunner 17.01 nor Maui 2.1 can be installed on that configuration.
      I tried to install ubiquity and lvm2 in the Maui live session, but as described in the forum the install fails and booting fails after restarting.

      Kind of disappointing that this regression is still not fixed, I remember the situation was the same with Calamares on Manjaro half a year ago, although one could fall back to their old installer Thus.

      Installing KDE neon with ubiquity worked fine for me, otherwise there is still siduction if one wants a Debian base and not Ubuntu.

      Thanks for your work everyone, I’m looking forward to the next releases!

      • Starbuck2001

        Hi cme33,
        we will release an updated install medium really soon, which hopefully improves the situation.

        • cme33


          sounds good!

          By the way, I was able to get Maui 2.1 to run if anybody is interested. Updated the crypttab and do a update-initramfs -u -k all et voila, Maui would boot. Problems at this point included that the user PW was not recognized, which is easily fixable by booting into a live session and to a chroot as well as that my user is not in sudoers. Same solution should apply…
          Not sure what else might have gone wrong during installation with ubiquity, but I will test both Maui 2.1 vs KDE Neon for a while until there is an updated installer for Netrunner 17.01.

          Really looking forward to a Debian-based distro by you guys! Feel like Ubuntu is drifting to far from the bunch. Or is KDE going to run on Mir?

  • Wilbert van Bakel

    Hello there, congratz on the release of 17.01!

    I’ m running Debian Sid Plasma and I assume that theme/artwork debs can be installed on my desktop.
    Any suggestion where I can find the packages without downloading the entire iso?

    Thank you very much!

  • TJ Mahoney

    Congratulations. 🙂
    I am getting ready to install it. Frameworks is up to 5.30.0 and Plasma is at 5.8.90. Can I upgrade to those. If so identify the repo to check or add.

    • Starbuck2001

      That would likely be upcoming to Debian unstable/sid, but Netrunner is using Stretch/Snapshots, which are made from stable Testing. You can of course easily unfreeze and get on continuously rolling Stretch/Testing, or even sid/unstable, but latter is not recommended (you can go there too, but use at own risk).

  • KenS

    Unable to install. Bootloader installation fails. I tried installing boodloader manually and it never boots. Also doesn’t let me login to single-user mode because the root login is locked due to sudo (I presume)!

    • Michael Techera Victoria
      • KenS

        Thanks but the issue is not the installation media. The issue is that after installation, the bootloader does not install successfully. Even after adding Netrunner to the boot menu via another distro, it does not boot.

        • Starbuck2001

          Hi Ken,
          we released an updated ISO with Calamares Installer 3.0, which may likely fix the issue.

          • KenS

            Thanks will give it a go.

  • Iakovos Thi

    Good decision to move to Stretch and give us the newer packages. Thanks!


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