Netrunner 2 RC available !

After 3 months “in the making”, we like to present you the first stable RC of our work. As the biggest news, we decided to switch the default desktop from Gnome to KDE: The reason is that we felt we needed to bring something fresh to the table to the ever growing world of Ubuntu-clones. So we went for a challenge with the idea to eventually aim for Kubuntu, what Linux Mint aims for Ubuntu: A tweaked and “enhanced”, yet compatible main distribution. We started to put ideas into Kubuntu and thought about how to bring it closer again to its “big brother” Ubuntu by adding some vital GTK-apps and integrating the basic Gnome-system as much as possible into the KDE-CORE. In the future, we want to continue this idea and invite anyone to brainstorm about how to even more advance in this direction of bringing the user the benefits of a working Ubuntu-system matched with the flexibility of KDE front-end. So if you like the idea of having a Gnome-compatible Ubuntu system with the power of KDE, help us by joining our community and tell us your ideas!

If you have any questions or just want to tell us your thoughts, please do so here:

Thanks and ‘Happy Runnin’!