Kubuntu Partnership

As announced today, Blue Systems has become sponsor of Kubuntu: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kubuntu-to-be-sponsored-by-blue-systems Part of this sponsorship makes it possible for Jonathan Riddell to continue working fulltime with the community on building releases of the KDE distribution beyond 12.04. The goal is to strenghten Kubuntus commitment to offer a KDE distro being part of the Debian/Ubuntu ecosystem, […]

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GTK2 + GTK3 Configuration under KDE

Thanks to Aleix Pol, Manuel Tortosa and José Antonio Sánchez, there is now a tool for easy configuration of GTK2 and GTK3 look under KDE: There are deb-packages for non-netrunner-distributions (which work for many deb-based KDE-distros like Kubuntu, MintKDE, etc.): https://launchpad.net/~cyberspace/+archive/cyber-stuff/+packages Just click on the link named “kde-gtk-config(_version)” of your version (precise, quantal, raring), then

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