Netrunner 13.06 release target end of month

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In light of recent kernel issues and some other bugs in RC versions of Netrunner, we took the time to polish before the final release.

So the initial release date of June 6 has been delayed by 3 weeks and should now happen at the end of the month, stay tuned.

  • Ariel

    Good decision. Waiting …. (please, don’t forget to keep the Lancelot Launcher in the default set of widgets).

  • Maou

    I shall wait patiently the next release.

  • Garik Genesisoff

    please include SOPCAST in next release…

  • Vidmantas Valius

    please include “STEAM”

    • Starbuck2001

      We include the Direct Link to installer, but for legal reasons cannot pre-install…

      • Maksim Muruev

        Can you do the same thing for most software especially Web “app” they are useless. Have Krita and Gimp on the same time no point and etc.

  • diuk

    When can we expect final release?

  • Марик Маракеш

    1 june… why the output of final release is delayed? I was tired to wait((

  • Zolee

    At the end of which month? It looks like it’s oing to be 13.07. But that’s ok as long as it’s a more polished version, with newer software and les bugs.

    • Ariel

      I believe that the waiting will worth.

  • Infoholico


  • AFTE

    Out of patience …………

  • mario

    How great you have to wait !!!! Congratulations to the whole team for this sensational distribution. Greetings from Argentine. Sorry my English….

  • RT

    Did they mean the end of June 2014??

  • RT

    I have now moved over to Zorin. Goodbye.

    • Vidmantas Valius

      good luck 🙂

  • Jenny

    Im not sure why everyone is being so mean here.. I havent seen Starbuck reply to anything yet , Have you thought maybe he is having some issues in his life away from Linux ? Also some last min bugs can sometimes turn into nightmares.. I honestly could use the current version for years to come without much complaints.. I think a lot of people are just getting over greedy to get the new release..

    • Garik Genesisoff

      Why do you think of us? Release has been announced, and we’re just waiting for him in the promised time. He could make comments on this issue …

  • Wilson Carvalho Junior


    I am anxiously awaiting

  • Garik Genesisoff


  • dan

    Take your time Starbuck! So much more important to have a stable release! Personally,
    I’d love to know what is causing the delay, and I think that might help
    calm down some critical voices.

    • starbuck

      We had to go back and forth kernels and setlled on 3.8.0-23 for most stability overall on 32 and 64bit. Also oxygen2 and oxygen3 freezes fixing took a while to patch…it’s now almost ready as we speak…

    • Starbuck2001

      We had to go back and forth kernels and settled on 3.8.0-23 for most stability overall on 32 and 64bit. Also oxygen2 and oxygen3 gtk theme freezes fixing took a while with patching…it’s getting ready now as we speak…

  • Wilson Carvalho Junior

    And then what personal forecast for the launch, I’m using RC2, I noticed that there is a failure in integration with thunderbird, when positioned on top of the Envelope green, it does not appear the emails highlighted.

  • Travis

    It’s been a while. Any news on this?