Netrunner 13.12 released

The Netrunner Team is proud to release Netrunner 13.12 – 32bit and 64bit stable.
Thanks to all for waiting a little longer than expected.

Go straight to the Download page.

New Features:

  • Kicker Menu (Super/Windows/Meta-Key to invoke)
  • Expanding Taskbar (Drag’n’Drop support)
  • Sidebar panel (show/hide with F11 or mouse swipe)
  • Mouse Swipes (see video here)
  • New Look and Feel (Desktop Theme inspired by this idea)
  • and of course all the usual updates of packages* like
  • KDE 4.11.2, Firefox 25, VLC 2.1.1, Skype 4.2 and many more…

* Note that after feature freeze (beta), we do not upgrade to latest packages, but stabilize
on the version available at that time. Updates are available though as usual in the repos.

Above video is showing new Kicker and Expanding Taskbar

If you have questions or need help please go to our forums:

Or report any issues directly on github: