Netrunner 4.0 Dryland Released

Welcome to Dryland!

With this post, we officially release Netrunner 4.0 Dryland into the open.

Dryland comes with quite a lot changes regarding the look and also feature-wise, so for a complete list please have a look at our new Features page or jump right to the download. Make sure to also check out the FAQ section while your download completes:

Download via Torrent (use this for best performance):

Size: 1.2 GB  |  Md5sum: 04b4b68822dc0a8d59cd5de2805a5798

Download from server (for best performance PLEASE USE TORRENT ABOVE):

Size: 1.2 GB  |  Md5sum: 04b4b68822dc0a8d59cd5de2805a5798

Note: If you’re going to try Netrunner on a VirtualBox, please use 1024 MB RAM.