Upgrade Instructions 4.1 ==> 4.2

This upgrade path is originally developed to work for Kubuntu 11.10 -> 12.04

We have tested it with Netrunner 4.1 ==> 4.2, though it is advised to make a backup of your personal data first before attempting the update, so use at your own risk.

Here is how it goes:
– open a terminal (yakuake or konsole)
– type “do-release-upgrade“, and follow instructions.

During the installation, dpkg will ask to replace some files:

/etc/issue -> Choose Y (replace)
/etc/issue.net -> Choose Y (replace)
/etc/lsb-release -> Choose Y (replace)
/etc/kdmrc -> Choose N (keep current version)
Any other file -> Choose N (keep current version)

The whole process may take a while (up to 1:30 hours, depending on machine and internet speed), so be prepared for that.

If you have any questions or are getting stuck, please post your findings to the forum: