Upgrade script 13.06 ==> 13.12

These instructions upgrade Netrunner 13.06 to Netrunner 13.12   Please use at your own risk and make sure to make a backup of your personal data first before attempting the upgrade. To perform the upgrade, open a terminal (yakuake or konsole) and type the following commands: wget http://pub.netrunner-os.com/upgrade-13.06_to_13.12.sh chmod a+xr upgrade-13.06_to_13.12.sh sudo ./upgrade-13.06_to_13.12.sh During the […]

Netrunner 13.12 released

The Netrunner Team is proud to release Netrunner 13.12 – 32bit and 64bit stable. Thanks to all for waiting a little longer than expected. Go straight to the Download page. New Features: Kicker Menu (Super/Windows/Meta-Key to invoke) Expanding Taskbar (Drag’n’Drop support) Sidebar panel (show/hide with F11 or mouse swipe) Mouse Swipes (see video here) New […]

Netrunner 13.12 in the works

Just a short update from our labs: We are working heavily on the next Netrunner release 13.12 based on Kubuntu 13.10, the current ISO is in an advanced Alpha stage, and will bring several new features and technologies, some being developed and prepared for the Plasma Next cycle. One of those bigger things is the […]