Netrunner 13.06 Enigma released

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The 64bit and 32bit versions of Netrunner 13.06 are available for download:

Download Page

Features and Changes:- Netrunner Desktop Containment (clean folderview, hidden plus/minus overlays)
– Improved KWin performance, so default enabled fx work on most low end machines
– Kate Minimap scrollbar
– Automatic KWallet Active
– Hot-Corner in lower right
– Simplified System Settings
– Removed Wine (due to less relevance)
– Alsa instead of Pulseaudio for best compatibility and performance (intel hda)
– Firefox with Mozilla App-Store
– Steam Installer-Link
– Mint Software Sources and Hardware Manager
– usual KDE goodies, Homerun 1.0, Tomahawk 0.7, etc.
For more information read: the Features section.
  • Andy Higginson

    Nice one. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and attention to detail. I’m looking forward to trying this out over the weekend.

  • Real_PTR

    Cool! What are your plans regarding an update from Dryland? Will be there sort off Ubuntu-like automated online update, or I have to reinstall the whole thing?

  • Mostafa Salemi

    Thank you for all your hard work and efforts, its really a horrible gnome..
    Have a good job and goodluck to you in this way..

  • varennikov

    “Alsa instead of Pulseaudio for best compatibility and performance (intel hda)”

    • Starbuck2001

      On two of three machines for internal testing, pulse was still having issues, so we decided to go save with alsa and leave it to the user to “apt-get install pulseaudio” if he really needs to.

      • Leszek

        Also there are still problems in some applications with the new pulseaudio time based scheduler.
        (i.e. vlc has problems)
        So it makes sense to use alsa.

        Notice also that Kmix has the ability to control mpris based music players via a seperate volume control no matter if pulseaudio is installed or not.

      • Starbuck2001

        Tomahawk actually can be controlled seperate from Kmixer.

  • Garik Genesisoff

    Yeeah! Thanx!

  • Carlos Felipe Araújo

    I didn’t like this new version, the new menu entries are bad,

  • shadowguy14

    Haha I like that, “Removed Wine due to increased irrelevance”

  • mansy net

    finaly ,,, that so great


  • deep_dish

    What’s the memory footprint? On the previous release it was rather excessive.

    • Starbuck2001

      What is excessive?
      The complete system right after login with KDE 4.10.x is under 300 MB with full FX on a netbook samsung n110.

      • deep_dish

        My desktop has 2GB of RAM, most of the time when running the previous version the memory footprint was around 1.6GB.

        • Leszek

          It depends on what is running. But most of the time not used memory might be also wasted memory.
          But all in all KDE SC 4.10.x reduces memory usage.

  • Starbuck2001

    Can you post in the forums and version (32 or 64), thanks.

  • Ariel

    A little surprised about the absence of Wine (in the news), but it is not something that cannot be fixed, after install. I have not yet made ​​a test, but I will, soon, in a full install environment.

    • Starbuck2001

      With Steam-Games and Webapps becoming more and more available each day, we felt no longer to encourage using Win-only programs anymore…

      • Ariel

        All right, not Win-only. But there are still some Win apps that cannot be replaced (at least, for now) with the kind of apps you mentioned (not games). As I said before, it’s fixable, for those who need Wine. No problem. Thanks.

        • Starbuck2001

          I agree, in some areas Linux is not quite ready yet… but now that the tide slowly turns, let’s encourage software makers to offer linux versions to fix those gaps.

    • German Ghermain

      Yo instale Wine desde su repositorio (ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa) y parece funciona bien; lo necesito porque para mi profesión aún no hay programas sustitutos en GNU/Linux, deberían considerar dejarlo.
      VirtualBox trae la versión 4.10 y la actual es la 4.16, así que eliminé la que trae y luego instalé la más actual.
      Las fuentes (ttf-mscore-fonts) aparecen como instaladas pero en la realidad no están, las reinstalé a través de Synaptic.
      Yakuake da errores, así que lo desinstalé.
      Por lo demás muy buena distribución.

  • Maksim Muruev

    Any chance update from 12.12 ?

  • Infoholico

    At last, let me see if I can install it in a few days.

    When will you update Homerun?
    how could I install the latest one?

    • Starbuck2001

      Homerun 1.0 is installed as plasmoid.
      Homerun 1.1 is in the works, setting a new direction with its recent switch from developer agateau to Sho, stay tuned.

  • Siddharth Bhatt

    Instead of Wine , You guys need to remove QMMP and Kwallet.Muon also sucks @ times… ya and not everyone is going to install Steam… so it was not needed.
    Still lot of UI improvements needed. Good Work though !

  • Pityiri

    You should have called it Netrunner 13.07

  • Tim

    Thanks, this is another very good distro. kazam screencast doesn’t seem to work in 13.06 though? It worked fine in 12,12. Which is a shame because I prefer this app to record my desktop. Is this a known bug?

    • Pablo Estigarribia

      You must install pulseaudio with sudo apt-get install pulseaudio to use kazam.

  • Tim

    Thanks pabio, it’s now working fine. I prefer kasam to recordmydesktop because it saves the screencastings much much faster. Recordmydesktop is fine but it seems to take a long time to save the recording? I can’t understand why this distro isn’t much higher on the ditrowatch ratings list? It should be in the top 10 in my opinion because it’s one of the very best I’ve used. Anyway everything works fine now cheers my freind.

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  • ApplianceGuy

    My System: Windows XP, Windows 7, Netrunner, multiboot.

    After installing 13.06 (clean install) I was greeted with an ugly blue Grub menu that was hard to read. I could not change it with Grub Customizer or kde-config-grub2. After choosing Netrunner, the nice 12.12.1 bootsplash was replaced with one that looked out of place with the quality of Netrunner. When the desktop came up I had no system sounds, including the very soothing 12.12.1 startup sound. The new wallpapers were awesome. Everything else worked great. A couple of reboots later I got a pop-up about not being able to locate a couple of sound sources.

    I gave up and went back to 12.12.1. (After copy the new wallpapers) I’m a happy Netrunner user again.

    I believe the problem may be with Ubuntu 13.04. I have had issues with several distros based on this release.

    Netrunner is the best.

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  • Ariel

    I’m having some trouble with the sound, too. There is sound, but the problem is with the controls, to be more specific. But, otherwise, the system is OK, I like the new desktop, the wallpapers and all the customisations made by Netrunner team (like the elimination of some useless and annoying KDE stuff). And, thank you very much for Lancelot. I hope you will keep it in the widgets set, in the future releases, too. In my opinion, it is the most beautiful KDE launcher.

  • raedov

    Thank you so much , I don’t have sound on firefox , only VLC works very well ater i change the audio output to alsa. any idea ? also plz HOW can i change the arabic number Previously i used ubuntu – langaue support – text “choose English ” then apply system wide , how can i do it with netrunner ?!

    • Starbuck2001

      Please use the forum, we can help you there!

  • jon_downfromthetrees

    Very nice! I reakky like it, and it’s been a long time since I said that about KDE.

    Only noticed three glitches:

    1. Resume from suspend didn’t work with Nouveau. Came back to a black and white stepped checkerboard display and rapidly streaming Nouveau errors on a console. Installing an Nvidia driver fixed that.

    2. Attempts to use timeservers didn’t work (hasn’t seemed to work for ages in KDE) and the time reverted to GMT. I installed and configured ntp, ran dpkg-reconfigure tzdata, and a few minutes later the time corrected itself. So far, so good.

    3. Nvidia-settings was *not* installed when I installed the 313.30 driver via Driver Manager. It’s desktop files *were* installed, so it showed up in the menus. I installed it and all was well. Be sure you install the nvidia-settings that matches the driver you installed. A simple “apt-get install nvidia-settings” here wanted to install something from the 304 series. I ran Synaptic and picked the package that matched my driver.

    • Rob Holman

      I wanted to install the NVIDIA driver, but I found that patching 13.06 as I am accustomed to doing in Mint broke the driver-manager completely. Had to reinstall to get driver-manager back. 🙁

  • Ghermain

    No lo aguanté sino 2 días, VirtualBox trae la versión 4.10 y no se integra bien, ni aún colocando la versión 4.16 pudo mejorar… además el hecho que no venga configurado Wine para usar programas que no tienen equivalencia en GNU/Linux y necesito para mi profesión hace que me genere inconsistencias cuando los trabajo, me devuelvo a Kubuntu 13.04 64 bits; una pena con Enigma… se ve que le trabajaron pero hay fallas.

  • Manuel López

    I was about to download NetRunner, so I could test some windows software under WINE… 😀 😀 Got to get a earlier version. 😛

    • Starbuck2001

      Or you can just add wine from the package manager.

      • Manuel López

        I would, but since Iwas not planning on install it, just test it on that machine, I wanted to use a distro with wine already running. Weel, I have a a 2012 release, I will test with it. 🙂

  • Kenn

    I had a number of problems with Mint14 KDE that I did not have with Netrunner. My HP 8600 Pro printer worked first time, and Dolfin worked when launched from the bottom bar. Nothing I have done, yet, has kicked me out to the login screen, which was happening frequently with Mint. I have found Netrunner to be much more user friendly right from the start. Thanks!

  • jayarmstrong

    I’ve been running 13.06 RC2. Is there any reason to reinstall?

    • Starbuck2001

      No, since Netrunner 13.06 has changed philosophy, that it does not encourage always updating everything to the latest because of risk breaking a running system. It’s like the application update threadmill on other devices like android that make some programs turn out even LESS favorable in new versions by introducing changes not welcomed… so if your Netrunner runs, keep it running and only update if you target specific programs (Firefox, Mail) or know things to run better after update in areas that you experience “broken” (like freezing or a bug that really affects and bothers you).
      Of course this is just recommendation, so anyone can still can go the “update all day” route.

  • Denis Savenko

    Wow! Thank you for release! Pictures for slider are awesome! But please add button left-right or increase animation speed – it’s very slowly and you mast wait minute or more that see last slide. But everything else is beautifull – thank you!!!

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  • Brian Hayden

    It keeps crashing on me. The desktop just crashes and goes black can’t do anything besides reboot. If anyone else has had this problem and knows how to fix it I would appreciate help, because I really like Netrunner the most out of the other Linux distros I have tried.


  • solarbay

    Good one!