Homerun 1.1 released

Homerun 1.1 got released and is ready for update in Netrunner 13.06 repositories.
Also, deb packages are here:

A video showing Homerun 1.1 in action:

Here is what’s new:

--- Release Notes ---

Homerun 1.1.0 adds significant new features over the previous
stable version, in particular the ability for sources to pub-
lish sidebar actions on tabs and a new applications source
using this new facility. 

The complete changelog is as follows:

- Application items now have "Add to Panel" and "Add to Desktop"
  actions if the workspace is unlocked and Homerun is opened
  from a panel applet
- A global setting to toggle the action list buttons has been
  added, defaulting to off
- Sources can now optionally publish sidebar actions
- A new "All Installed Applications With Filters" sources has
  been added, making use of the new sidebar action API to allow
  filtering by category; this source is now used on the default
  "Applications" tab
- Performance improvements for application sources filtering
- The applet is now better at managing the Homerun viewer
  process, e.g. its ability to restart it on demand after crashes
  is now more robust
- Muon "Add more" has been disabled by default