Netrunner SE Prototype

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The Netrunner Team releases the first prototype of Netrunner SE 13.06.
SE stands for Stealth Edition as this version of Netrunner is shipped with privacy and
security in mind.
This means that you are able to use the Internet more securely and possibly
circumvent censorship. You are able to encrypt E-Mail messages with gpg and
chat securely with your friends via text, audio or video. You can encrypt files
and folders or use an encrypted home partition.
Netrunner SE 13.06 is build upon Netrunner 13.06 and comes with the following

Features and Changes (compared to Netrunner 13.06):

* Firefox with pre-configured Tor, FoxyProxy, HTTPs Everywhere and NoScript
(surf anonymously, surf onion links, circumvent censorship)
* Thunderbird with Enigmail
* Vidalia as Tor configuration tool
* Pidgin with OTR support for encrypted text chats
* Jitsi for encrypted audio & video conversations
* Kgpg for encrypting files and folders
* KDE SC 4.10.5
* Firefox 22
* Removed Skype
* Removed kfilebox
* Removed KDE-Telepathy
* Removed Konversation
* Removed WebApps
* New default Wallpaper

[Download not found] [Download not found]
[Download not found]
size: 1.3 GB
MD5SUM: 45a7c68195081027c8a199ce7edf2bb9
[Download not found]
size: 1.3 GB
MD5SUM: 06339e85d5e9a4b1b504a140ff858a84


For more information, please read:
Netrunner SE Readme

  • MatthiasShalom

    GREAT & thanks a lot to the Netrunner Team 😀

    Just let us change the Distribution now and let us go away from Canoncial; P L E A S E

    • Burger1234

      Netrunner based on Debian testing sounds good to me 😀

      • MatthiasShalom

        PCLinuxOS ^.^

        • chris2kari

          That distro has it’s own issues. I can’t think of any technical reason why you would bother basing _another_ distro of a one man effort that is highly personal to that dev.

          BTW Solus OS 2 is promising a very interesting use of the PiSi packaging system (borrowed from the defunct Parsix Linux distro).

          I’ve come to a pragmatic decision to prefer KDE/Qt over Gnome/GTK based distro’s. From what I can see KDE have their shit together much better for desktop users IMHO.

          • Matthias Schuster Scharmer

            Kissing you for support SolusOS 2 and PiSi, they are the most promising GTK Distro in my Sense now:

            I agree with you, what belongs about the the PCLinuxOS Issues, its just, that i am pretty sure, its still a better Base than Ubuntu and i fear, that the Netrunner People will stay on the 32 Bit Support:

            Chakra GNU/Linux is the qt/KDE Pendant to SolusOS 2 and offers to a new Base, build up from Scratch and a modern Package Manager: They are just available for the x86_64 Architecture…

            Currently its pacman, and Akabei, its Successor, rise up in the next Months: Since it use too PKGBUILD, its very easy to pack with it, at least so easy as with PiSi 😉

            Thanks a lot for your Contribution Dude. ^-^

    • chris2kari


      Canonical inclusion of non free binaries in kernels, fonts tweaks, other non free codecs etc & other desktop user friendly inclusions are just a few things I can think of quickly that make it an ideal _base_ for a distro.

      Going back to Debian or other ‘politically correct’ distro’s just make everything harder for the end user.

      Why would you want Linux to be difficult/time consuming/PITA?

  • chris2kari

    Very sensible & worthwhile modifications. Should be the standard ISO really.

  • msx

    Thunderbird? WHY!?
    KDE SC sports an *awesome* mail client, KMail, that have built-in support for GPG (aka encrypted email).
    Furthermore, KMail perfectly fits with system’s notify subsystem as it is part of the whole KDE SC.

    Kudos for bringing in this ‘Stealth Edition’ but you guys should review your criteria for choosing the software you ship.

    • chris2kari

      1)Because it’s cross platform.
      Many of us want/need to move back & forth from Linux to Mac to Windows machines in the course of our work/leisure.

      2) Because it’s highly functional with all its plugins & extensions.

      3) Because It’s mature stable software.
      Kmail has been a l-o-n-g time coming to a point in being a preferable email client replacement.

      Same reasons I stick to Firefox while the fashionista’s all swoon about Chrome.

  • Blair Chasteen

    Maybe want to consider vpn support (openvpn) if not already included
    maybe provide a vpn service for Netrunner users 🙂
    Strike a deal with LastPass to allow you to include the non binary firefox plugin with Netrunner
    Some sort of sandboxing built in
    Truecrypt pre-installed and configured as boot daemon (Kali linux is the only distro i’ve tried that does this)
    disable ip forwarding, make the user enable it if it is really nessecary

    Just throwing out a few ideas to implement.

    Has OSS been considered for the sound backend of Netrunner? I know Alsa was chosen for compatibility over pulse but OSS I think has superior sound.
    See for a very intresting comparitive analasys between the backends.

  • Serge Tarkovski

    Any options to upgrade from 12.12?

  • German Ghermain

    Recién instalé y configuré Netrunner 13.06 en una netbook y ahora me fijé en este prototipo, me gustaría probarlo pero le tendría que instalar Skype.
    ¿Como puedo hacer un update a esta versión?
    ¿Tengo que hacer de nuevo una instalación limpia?

  • German Ghermain

    Bajé la versión SE de 64 y en modo LIVE no pude navegar por Firefox.
    ¿Cómo se puede probar antes de instalar?

  • Michael

    Interesting NETRUNNER SE, but this will be a distribution other than to download an update or will the existing 13.06

  • German Ghermain

    What is the next step for this release?
    The project was abandoned?

  • Sami

    Why is Kopete not used as the messenger? It fits KDE better and it supports OTR natively.

    Will there be Netrunner SE 13.12?

    • Starbuck2001

      kopete is deprecated and it’s successor ktp (kde telepathy).
      Since SE was a prototype there probably will be not updated every release cycle, but maybe after we switch to KDE Plasma 2 in 14.12.

  • David Evans

    is there a command that updates from normal netrunner 13.6 to se without having to reinstall from scratch?

    • Starbuck2001

      simple answer: unfortunately no.