Netrunner 3.2 Released

We just released Netrunner 3.2 LiveDVD ISO: [download id=”11″ format=”1″ autop=”false”] (Size: 1.32 GB, Md5sum: d6d4d7f3ff127131b89d6ef7b20cb269) Changes from the last version are as follows: Newly installed: added Libre Office (Office Suite) 3.3.2 to replace added Clementine (Music Player) added Deluge (Torrent-Client) added Dropbox (incl. Kfilebox for Dolphin) added Skype (VoIP) added (gnome) network-manager to …

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Join us on Facebook!

We have setup a Facebook Page:   By clicking the “Like”-Button, you are added to the Netrunner Facebook Community. There you may easily express your opinions, ask questions, add media-files (like screenshots) or simply download stuff like wallpapers, etc. So, join us today and become part of our effort to spread Netrunner to an …

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Netrunner 3.1 – Update

We updated Netrunner Chromatic with a maintenance release to 3.1. Changes from version 3.0 include: updated KDE from 4.6 to 4.6.1 updated Firefox from 3.5 to Firefox 4 with customized theme and status panel on bottom via plugin replaced the default kdm horos theme with costumized one fixed broken plasma-netbook  mode to default plasma-desktop changed …

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Netrunner 3 – Official Release

Netrunner 3 – “Chromatic” is here! Our goal with the 3.x series is to further enhance the KDE desktop experience while at the same time offering an even better integration of all Gnome/GTK+programs running under KDE 4.6. Netrunner 3 features FF3.5, Dolphin as the default file manager and Wine experimental 1.3.12. For a full version list, please refer to Distrowatch: