Netrunner 3.2 Released

We just released Netrunner 3.2 LiveDVD ISO:
[download id=”11″ format=”1″ autop=”false”]
(Size: 1.32 GB, Md5sum: d6d4d7f3ff127131b89d6ef7b20cb269)

Changes from the last version are as follows:

Newly installed:

added Libre Office (Office Suite) 3.3.2 to replace
added Clementine (Music Player)
added Deluge (Torrent-Client)
added Dropbox (incl. Kfilebox for Dolphin)
added Skype (VoIP)
added (gnome) network-manager to replace knetworkmanager

Updated from 3.1->3.2:

KDE (Desktop) 4.6.2
Firefox (Browser) 5.0
Thunderbird (Email Client incl. Lightning Calendar) 3.1.10
VLC (Media Player) 1.1.10
Wine (Windows Environment Layer) 1.3.22
Pidgin (Messenger Client) 2.7.11
Gimp (Graphic Program) 2.6.11

Firefox Add-Ons:

Adblock Plus
Download Statusbar
Tabbrowser Preferences
Video Downloadhelper

Have fun!