Netrunner 3.2 Released

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We just released Netrunner 3.2 LiveDVD ISO:
[Download not found]
(Size: 1.32 GB, Md5sum: d6d4d7f3ff127131b89d6ef7b20cb269)

Changes from the last version are as follows:

Newly installed:

added Libre Office (Office Suite) 3.3.2 to replace
added Clementine (Music Player)
added Deluge (Torrent-Client)
added Dropbox (incl. Kfilebox for Dolphin)
added Skype (VoIP)
added (gnome) network-manager to replace knetworkmanager

Updated from 3.1->3.2:

KDE (Desktop) 4.6.2
Firefox (Browser) 5.0
Thunderbird (Email Client incl. Lightning Calendar) 3.1.10
VLC (Media Player) 1.1.10
Wine (Windows Environment Layer) 1.3.22
Pidgin (Messenger Client) 2.7.11
Gimp (Graphic Program) 2.6.11

Firefox Add-Ons:

Adblock Plus
Download Statusbar
Tabbrowser Preferences
Video Downloadhelper

Have fun!

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  • wave

    Can u make delta patch from 3.1->3.2 ? I hate download big file.

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  • Angie

    I have hung around computers since I was a child and knew of Linux at an early age from my big brother and his friends. I have witnessed many tryouts and conducted 50 or 60 Linux Live Disk sessions on my own over the last 6 years. Each year I down a dozen or so Live ISO’s and try them out on my laptops. I have developed a very efficient, ruthless and rapid manner of trying a Live distro out and it is based on the female perspective of absolutely no bashing. Certain key things must work Out-o-the-box or it becomes a Discus.
    As soon as a Live Disk hits desktop and settles in for a few minutes, I begin my evaluation on its OOTB righteousness. With absolutely no fiddling about, the distro’s Live Disk must:
    1) nail the 1440 x 900 screen resolution, find my touch pad, keyboard and CD-Rom – or its gone in 30 seconds.
    2) From there, it must find and nail the internet in both wifi and auto-etho modes with out any goofing about through some silly network manager that makes you jump through hoops. If it does the latter and not the former – its gone by the 3 or 4 minute mark.
    3) It must nail the sound system when I feed it a file right off the bat, with no goofing about with drivers or Intel vs. Alsa vs. Pulse yada, yada, yada. I either hear sound when I feed it a ,wav .flac. ogg file etc, and ensure the volume is on and up, it had better sound good or its out of the tray at the 5 minute mark and flying.
    4) It must have a file manager that immediately seeks out, identifies, mounts and lets me read, write, download and save to each and every NTFS Partition and USB storage device during a live session. If I hit a root blockage or have to fstab something even once – its a Live Frisbee by the 8 minute mark.
    My whole assessment takes as little as 1 minute to eliminate a distro and can run as long as 10 before I fling-mail it. Unfair??
    Nope. Because NETRUNNER PASSED THOSE TESTS with flying colors and I shut it off after 60 minutes with a grin on my face . You now own a new user who will stick with Netrunner as long as it may run and long may that be.
    You have realized that a Distro must have a Live CD that has everything working from a hardware perspective as well as instant read, write and save to every NTFS formatted device as there are few in this world who abandon Windows completely – until they can find a simply perfect Linux that can run rings around, through, under and over it. That starts by opening all the security processes in the Live demo so the user can see its full potential in 20 minutes. After I loaded it for good on my hard drive, THAT IS WHEN I set up the security I WANT, not still trying to bypass the security forced on me by a Live CD maker who decides he knows what is best for me. You guys opened all the doors and let me see its full potential in minutes flat, trusting that I have enough good sense to setup the security I WANT TO HAVE later on.
    You won my loyalty to Netrunner with that simple open philosophy. Please post this if it will aid you/us. Its a rare day in May when I take the time to write a lengthy thank-you to anyone let alone the people behind a distro. SO THANKS!
    I’ll be watching and learning in your forum and spreading the news to the girls in my circle who are afraid to ditch Windoze completely, yet desperately want to try a Linux system that cooperates beautifully with their NTFS partitions – as yours does.

    Running with Netrunner,
    Angie Blue

    Thanks and best of luck

    • admin

      Thanks a lot for the detailed feedback!

      There are many distributions that work right of the box with most or all of the points you mentioned, especially the Ubuntu-derivatives.
      What we aim for is taking KDE to the fullest as the frontend for ubuntu, and then have a very deep look into what components are still inferior to those Gnome counterparts and if we find a way to exchange them and make them integrate well, we do that (e.g. nm-applet instead of knetworkmanager).

      Also, we further customize a lot of the default KDE components or essential programs (like dolphin, firefox, etc.) to minimize the post-install of components we think most people would add anyway (e.g. Firefox addons like adblocker, downloadhelper, codecs).

      So we’re open to any suggestions and glad if what we do appeals to a certain type of user.

      Starbuck (speaking for all of the Netrunner-Team).

  • akapribot

    Downloading your distro as I want a out-of-the-box wine distro for my work. netrunner seems to be good. Lets check it out. I will contribute by posting a review if it satisfies me.

    Thanks and Good work netrunner team.

    All the best.

    Ashutosh Kumar Singh
    Want Freedom Use Linux

  • akapribot

    I wrote a review about Netrunner. I liked your linux very much for its look and customization.

    One request: Add support for more devices and hardwares in your distro.

    Here the link:

    Ashutosh Kumar Singh
    Want Freedom Use Linux

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