IMPORTANT: Read before Update


It is safe again to update using SYNAPTIC or APT-GET normally. (01-30-2012).
Do NOT use Muon or Automatic Updater, as it will hang during update, so use synaptic or apt-get for now.


Original message:

KDE got updated to 4.8 in the repositories.

Because of this please do not make a full update in netrunner until all issues are fixed.

Simply running a full update could break your system.

Before making any major update after installation, please run this first:

sudo apt-get install netrunner-system
sudo apt-get update

Then you’re safe to update as usual.

A second method would be disabling the gnumdk manually:

Start synaptic, go to Settings – Repositories and untick those two lines:

We are also working on a solution to fix this automatically without anything to do from your side.

Until we provide such a solution, please report any issues you still have after updating in our forums (link below). Thanks.