Netrunner 12.12.1


To upgrade your system the first time, do not use MUON!

After Installation, please update from KDE 4.9.4 to 4.10.3:
Start Menu – System – Synaptic Package Manager, click “Reload”, then “Mark all Updates”, then “Apply”!

At the error message about Muon, just close the message window and click “Apply” in Synaptic again, which should fix Muon and update it to 2.0!
sudo apt-get update, then sudo apt-get dist-upgrade also works fine!
Otherwise Muon may break with the latest Kubuntu 4.10.x packages, so it is advised to do the initial update right after installation.
Muon will then update itself to 2.0, so after that Muon should work fine again!

Netrunner Dryland – Third Edition 12.12.1 has been released.

KDE updated to 4.9.4 from Kubuntu backports
Firefox updated to 18
VLC updated to 2.0.5
Tomahawk new version 0.6
Wine updated to 1.5.22
samba-mounter updated 0.3.1
webaccounts updated 0.3
Veromixer installed
Runners-ID upgraded from 1 to 5 GB free cloud space
and many more fixed isues and improvements.

The version is based on Kubuntu 12.10 and has the following features:

  • GNU/Linux OS kernel-3.5
  • KDE 4.9.4
  • Firefox 18 (+KDE integration)
  • Thunderbird 17.0.1
  • VLC 2.0.5
  • Tomahawk 0.6
  • LibreOffice 3.6.2
  • Skype 4.1
  • Gimp 2.8
  • Krita
  • Gwenview
  • Kdenlive
  • Telepathy Messenger
  • Samba Mounter (easy NAS setup)
  • Webaccounts (social accounts integration)
  • Runners-ID (free and libre cloud storage + music streaming)
  • Muon Discover
  • Virtualbox
  • WINE
  • and many more

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