Dryland – Third Edition

Upgrade Instructions 4.2 ==> 12.12.1

These instructions upgrade Netrunner Dryland-SE (4.2) to Netrunner Dryland-TE (12.12.1). Please use at your own risk and make sure to make a backup of your personal data first before attempting the upgrade. To perform the upgrade, open a terminal (yakuake or konsole) and type the following commands: wget http://community.netrunner-os.com/upgrade-4.2.sh chmod a+rx upgrade-4.2.sh sudo ./upgrade-4.2.sh During […]

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Netrunner 12.12 released

Netrunner Dryland – Third Edition (12.12) has been released. It is based on Kubuntu 12.10 and comes with the following features: GNU/Linux OS kernel-3.5 KDE 4.9.3 Firefox 17 (+KDE integration) Thunderbird 17 VLC 2.0.4 LibreOffice 3.6.2 Skype 4.1 Gimp 2.8 Krita Gwenview Kdenlive Telepathy Messenger Samba Mounter (easy NAS setup) Webaccounts (social accounts integration) Runners-ID

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RC and Release Date: Netrunner Dryland – Third Edition (12.12)

Here are the last RC versions for testing before we release Netrunner 12 on 21-Dec-2012: 32bit RC: Size: 1.3 GB  | Md5sum: a05e17db082236d3f03b788b92d5c99c [download id=”28″ format=”1″ autop=”false”]   64bit RC: Size: 1.3 GB  | Md5sum: a8f21a1560a41da92205ea7c082e4014 [download id=”29″ format=”1″ autop=”false”]   New features compared to Netrunner 4.2 are: KDE 4.9.2 Firefox-KDE 16 Thunderbird 16 LibreOffice 3.6 VLC,

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Netrunner Dryland – Third Edition (12.12) anouncement

We have started to work on the next version of Netrunner called Dryland – Third Edition (12.12).It is based on Kubuntu 12.10 and as the version number indicates, we plan on releasing the final version in December.We will also follow the October release of Kubuntu with a Netrunner 12.12 Beta 3-4 weeks later, then take

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