Netrunner Dryland – Third Edition (12.12) anouncement

We have started to work on the next version of Netrunner called Dryland – Third Edition (12.12).It is based on Kubuntu 12.10 and as the version number indicates, we plan on releasing the final version in December.We will also follow the October release of Kubuntu with a Netrunner 12.12 Beta 3-4 weeks later, then take another 4-5 weeks for the public release.

So from now on, Netrunner will follow an official release cycle with fixed dates for all further releases, giving us +8 weeks time between each new Kubuntu release and the Netrunner release.

That means Netrunner will feature a new version number system starting with Dryland TE (12.12),  then Netrunner version+1  (13.06),  Netrunner version+2 (13.12), and so on.

Stay tuned for more about the upcoming Beta release of Dryland TE shortly.