Netrunner 4.2.1 released

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Netrunner 4.2.1 Dryland is available for download:

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It is based on Kubuntu 12.04 LTS and comes with the following features:

  • KDE 4.8.4
  • Firefox 14 (+KDE integration)
  • Thunderbird 14
  • Gimp 2.8
  • Skype 4.0
  • Kdenlive 0.9
  • Samba Mounter (easy NAS setup)
  • Webaccounts (social accounts integration)
  • Runners-ID  (free and libre cloud storage + music streaming)
  • Muon Discover
  • and many more


This is a hybrid ISO, so you may use imagewriter or unetbootin for putting it on an USB stick.

Image Writer (for Windows) or install package “usb-imagewriter” (for linux).

(Tip: To restore the usb pen back to full usage, on windows download bootice from here , click on bootice.exe, choose “Parts Manage” and follow these instructions (windows and linux)).


64bit machines with (U)EFI may experience a crash during installation (when trying to install the bootloader).

It is therefore recommended to use imagewriter, as it does prepare another bootlader on the stick, which should make the ISO install fine.


Make sure you read more about Netrunner 4.2.1 on our Readme page with an introductory, known issues + possible fixes and tips + hints:

Welcome to Dryland Second Edition

If you have any questions or need further help, please use our forums.

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  • Ariel

    Interesting. But why not with KDE 4.9.0, Mozilla 15, Thunderbird 15 and so on ? Maybe you can make me understand why a new version of Netrunner is always with one step behind the latest applications releases.

    • dan


      somewhere in the Forums the Netrunner team explains that 4.2.1 will just contain some important fixes to 4.2, and later (maybe this month), they will release netrunner 4.3 with KDE 4.9 and other new software.

      • Ariel

        OK. Thanks.

    • starbuck

      KDE 4.9.0 would have been not towards the goal of stabilizing, and since 4.9 is a “zero” release, it could introduce many new issues. As for FF15 for KDE, it was not available at that time. We need to make a feature freeze sometimes before the release and can’t unfreeze and update for each application again while we test (FF15 then brings the need to wait and update plugins, etc.).
      Once FF15 is available, we put it in the repo and one can easily update with apt.

  • joyabed

    I like netrunner very much, Thanks. Please include ntfs config, scim.

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