Netrunner 14 – Main Edition

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The Netrunner Team today released Netrunner 14 Frontier – 32bit and 64bit versions.
The release follows Kubuntus support cycle, giving it a full 5 year support life via the backport repos.

Go straight to the Download page.

Release Notes
  • LTS Long Term Support
  • Firefox Instant start (on machines with >2GB RAM)
  • KDE Dreamdesktop for animated backgrounds
  • Baloo superseding Nepomuk
  • Single-Click activated default
  • New default Theme
  • Veromix Audio-Applet
  • and the latest available updates of packages* in the repos, e.g.
  • KDE 4.13.1, Firefox 30, VLC 2.1.4, Skype 4.3, Muon Discover 2.2 and many more…
    (for information about the software installed, please look here…)
Video showing how to enable animated wallpapers


If you have questions or need help please go to our forums:

Or report any issues directly on github:

  • Charles Wardzinski

    Woo hoo, will sudo apt-get update && upgrade do the trick from RC1 ?

    • Guest

      yeah just doin updates as normal just be fine from the rc version according to the forums. I imagine some tweaks may need to be done manually, like the desktop animations, i’ve ran all updates and i only have 3 options for animations but i imagine if i were to install from the dvd it would work fine, This is a great release, I’ve been using it since the rc came out and its been all smooth sailing for the most part.

    • Jon Graham

      yeah, just regular updates should be fine from the rc version according to the forums, I love this distro, this version is the best one yet by far, ive been using the rc since day 1 and its been all smooth sailing pretty much

  • Jamin Fernandez

    O/ O/ O/ O/ O/ O/ O/ O/

  • Jamin Fernandez

    Imposible download the torrent ….

    • Starbuck2001

      Too slow? 32bit or 64bit?

      • Jamin Fernandez

        Everything is under control now 😉


  • Rose Hosting

    Congrats on the new release!

    • Starbuck2001

      Thanks Rose!

  • freecicero

    And if we are running Netrunner 13 comfortably, is there a link to the recommended upgrade procedure?

    • Starbuck2001

      Now that the release is out, we are working on a safe upgrade path for 13->14. Expect an automated-script released in 4-5 weeks.

      • freecicero

        Great – thank you! I am going to try to implement Netrunner from here on with my production machines, so I appreciate the attention to detail!

      • Paul C

        Awesome. Looking forward for upgrading.

  • Steve Archambault

    Really great release i love it i never have issues with netrunner ubuntu edition but i tried netrunner rollin and i had issues with my hardware but i had the same issues with manjaro so i guess its not netrunner fault again great release i love netrunner some advance users call netrunner noob os then that means i love being a noob..p.s is there a place to donate i cant find it?

  • greg

    grub2 bootloader missing in system settings

  • Elemento Azul

    Millones de Gracias!!! La estaba esperando, la instalé en 64 esta mañana, la actualicé a KDE 4.13.2 y Kernel 3.15.1 y fluye sin problemas y muy rápida.

  • Ram Siva

    Is there a way to get Netrunner kicker menu to look like KaOS linux?

  • andi ibnsiswanto

    Is it Ok if I installing Gnome in Netrunner. How the easiest way to do it. Thank U.

  • Ariel

    Not too much to say. Just : Excellent. And: Thank you very much !

    • Starbuck2001

      Thanks Ariel! This was our least complicated release so far, because it builds on the continuosly improved line of the KDE4.x series, which is very well-suited for LTS. Netrunner 15 will be real exciting again being build upon the Plasma Next KDE Desktop. Expect awesomeness on a different level…

  • Alexandre Pereira

    Netrunner kubuntu is nice, but one question: I am currently running kubuntu dev ( utopic , being always rolling ).

    Is there a way to do the same with netrunner ? point the repos to dev or a dev release ?

    Does netrunner have a dev release/repo ?


    • Starbuck2001

      Hi Alexandre,
      it is currently not possible. For a rolling model, use Netrunner Rolling snapshot 2014.04 (based on Manjaro).

      • Alexandre Pereira

        Hi Starbuck2001 and thanks for the answer.

        I currently already have manjaro installed. I keep checking and check for new netrunner packages. Currently, netrunner rolling is pretty much manjaro.

        I was asking about “rolling” on the kubuntu based, because packages seem more tested and better integrated on debian/ubuntu than on arch based distros, dispite all good work done by Manjaro team. ( my latest annoyance was libreoffice 4.2.3 with -kde integration , was already fixed on ubuntu and my main distro, gentoo . but on manjaro, it just kept broken until 4.2.4 ).

        Other than that, i love ubuntu font and rendering 🙂

        Anyway, good luck and thanks.

        • Starbuck2001

          Yeah, Ubuntu base is pretty well tested and mature. Ubuntu font is available for Rolling though as well and with “infinality-ultimate” it gives you quite a nice font rendering (imo even slightly better than Ubuntu default). You may give it a try…

          • Alexandre Pereira

            infinality-ultimate and ubuntu is a no go. infinality makes preferences of autohint off and hinting at full.

            ubuntu font ( as displayed on ubuntu ), is auto hinted with slight hint.

            Ubuntu font is best at Gentoo.

            With manjaro, i have been able to also have a nice setup:

            infinality-ultimate (although manjaro’s own freetype is pretty good also) , custom fontconfig rules to make it autohint to true and slighthinting. also /etc/profile.d/infinality*.sh, the profile should be between 3 or 4 ( more round and darker ).

            Of course, if one wants “skinny” ubuntu font, then none of this is needed.

  • manny

    I’m a Kubuntu user and for the longest time I have not bothered triying another distro. I got curious and downloaded the 64 bit version of Netrunner and let me tell you, I’ve been very impressed. Netrunner 14.06 is very well crafted, beautiful art work and for the first time I did not need to twick the fonts on a KDE base distro, they are just gorgeous. There are a few things I would recommend to look into and see if you guys can correct them, firts Veromix doesn’t have (couldn’t find) a master channel selector, second when downloading a plasmoid and installing it, it doesn’t install on the panel. Firefox opens very fast but disables the Chrome future of importing the bookmarks from FF. I don’t see the reason why not to use a screen splash; the settings on effects to very fast instead of fast affects the smothness of a modest PC. Again, congratulations for an elegant and good performer OS, keep the good work.

    • andygmorris

      In Kubuntu, you need to have this package installed to allow the widget to work. It might be the same for Netrunner :-

      $ sudo apt-get install -y plasma-scriptengine-python

      Then logout, login and the plasmoid widget should work. If anyone knows a different method, perhaps they’ll reply to you.

  • Alex S

    Can you please tell me how to return the system settings to stock view? I want everything displayed like in KDE default please.

    • Starbuck2001

      Hi Alex, simply delete all *.desktop files in:
      Note that in next KDE version (Plasma5), the default system settings are going to change soon to something more sane than Netrunner anyway…

      • Alex S

        Cool thanks! Do we know when there will be an approximate release for plasma 5?

        • Starbuck2001

          Plasma 5.0 is officially released in ~2 weeks.
          Not sure when any distro ships it instead of KDE4.x, but there are many distros offering packages for testing already or even complete ISO snapshots, like Kubuntu neon5:

          Since Blue Systems is responsible for a great deal of the developing efforts, we try to get it into version 15 of Netrunner in around 6 months from now.

      • Alex S

        No I ran into an issue sadly. I did delete what you said and I get the error

        “System Settings was unable to find any views, and hence has nothing to display.”

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  • netrunnee

    Thanks and Congrats for Netrunner 14 Frontier, Its the best
    -detects modem automatically
    -thought it would be slow after installing additional softwares but it remains faster
    kudos and God bless!

  • Mahdi Hozhabri Namin

    Dreamscene should be improved. It uses 14-20% of CPU which is not important for me while I’m using my core i7 Laptop but in my Dell Vostro 1015 By using dream scene backgroud whole desktop freezes and I’m not able to work more!!!

    • Ariel

      So, don’t use Dreamscene with an old computer ! It Is that simple.

      • Mahdi Hozhabri Namin

        yeap ignoring the question is easier than solving it! I told I don’t care about 14-20 % CPU usage in my core i7 but it doesn’t mean it’s good to have an application with this usage! if there is a way to reduce the usage of CPU so it’s better to make it lighter.
        However this application is one of the advantages of new release.

        • Ariel

          It is not about ignoring the question …

    • Starbuck2001

      The original author is thinking about improvements for next version.
      Since KDE switched to Plasma5, it would need porting anyway to work on Netrunner 15.

      • Mahdi Hozhabri Namin

        Thanks. Actually I was thinking this LTS version will cover all these improvements up to 5 years so I wont need to shift to next release.

        • Starbuck2001

          Netrunner 15 is a complete new base with Plasma5. So Netrunner 14 with KDE4.x base is maintainance release with only minor updates but likely not every new features besides application versions. New features often do not get backported on both KDE4.x and Plasma5, so Plasma5 will diverge at one point in the future, certainly 5 years from now 🙂

  • Georg Grabler

    I was sceptical what I’d get out of netrunner over KUbuntu, but I gotta’ say: I like it :D.

  • ladnerg

    Firefox 38 has not come yet, what happend? (Netrunnet 14 LTS)