Netrunner Rolling Release: First Snapshot 2014.04 released

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We decided to surprise with a new announcement:
Netrunner is available as Rolling Release!

Starting with the 32-bit ISO labeled 2014.04i (“i” as in infinite) this is our first version of a Rolling Release and based on the excellent Manjaro/(Arch).
Note that this is not replacing our Standard/Main Edition of Netrunner, which will continue to be released in sync with Kubuntu.
Netrunner Rolling fits a different glove, that is of the more experienced user, who want to keep their system up-to-date with the benefit of not having to switch bases between releases.
It is also meant for anyone not afraid of manual adjustments should they be needed due to the continous updates.

While most of the Standard Netrunner components like Homerun Kicker, Expanding Taskmanager, webaccounts, sambamounter, firefox-kde and others are included, Rolling also comes with different tools, like SDDM Login Manager, Octopi Package Manager and Thus installer. For more info check out our Rolling Release Page.

Without further ado, head straight to the download section and try it out.
And let us know what you think in the Netrunner Rolling forum section!


The Netrunner Team.

  • Adi Iţă

    This is really unexpected,but is great!!. Keep up the great work! (I Was using Manjaro-KDE, but i might change it for Netrunner 🙂 )

    • Jukka

      I think the repos will have exactly the same stuff so no need really. but it is good to combine the efforts to build installer and other software. Maybe, hopefully Manjaro KDE and netrunner Arch will merge, because using same desktop and same repos..

  • John D Jones III

    64bit ?

    • Starbuck2001

      Hi John, it’s in the making… snapshot expected in 1-2 weeks, based on feedback of the 32bit version.

      • Adi Iţă

        hey! um… any news about the 64bit version?

  • Brock

    Netrunner has been my default OS for a while. However I recently started giving Manjaro-KDE some serious testing, going to have to use this asap, just going to wait for 64 though

  • Ankleface Wroughtlandmire

    Wow! This is a bombshell. Congrats to Manjaro for creating their fantastic rolling release system. And cheers to Netrunner for realizing the need for a rolling release.

  • Joy Abed

    I like netrunner os. please work on fedora based distro as like korora

  • __archtard

    The Arch koolaid is far more bleeding edge than Arch. “And to be really bleeding edge, it features SDDM as Login Manager…” Oh yum cotton candy with my arch koolaid! Woah that shit is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

  • Smellyman

    sweet. I will check this out now.

  • Adi Iţă

    After a bit more testing, i need to tell you that this arch edition feels quite unfinished and bloated 🙁 . Maybe on the next snapshot 😀

    • Starbuck2001

      Hi Adi, thanks for testing Netrunner Rolling!
      There is currently some re-branding left, so can you tell us what makes you feel its bloated?

      • Jukka

        I tested it too and it was just a ManjaroISO with a netrunner theming. Why not merge the KDE version with Manjaro in the first place?

        • Starbuck2001

          Well, there is a lot more to it actually: We have created our own repository [blueshell] and changed quite a lot of the default software stack, like adding expanding icons taskmanager, webaccounts, sddm login manager, sambamounter, etc. see a full list here:

          • Jukka

            Interesting!! 🙂 I suppose its not possible to add that repo to an already existing manjaro Install?

          • Starbuck2001

            Yes you can! 🙂
            Like for Kubuntu with our blueshell PPA, we compile
            PKGBUILDS binaries from github and YAOURT that are not in the official Manjaro repos and store them on our public server:
            To include the repo, simply add these lines to your pacman.conf:

            SigLevel = Optional TrustAll
            Server =$arch

            Just note that Netrunner customizes Manjaro a lot more than that, just compare KDE System Settings Layout…

          • Jukka

            Thanks! 🙂 Now i have a nice mixmash! 🙂

      • Adi Iţă

        well, there’s Some redundant applications, too many media players and Kgames (appreciate the inclusion of stem 🙂 ) and overall feels a it slow, even on a powerfull machine :/ . Thanks for your attention and keep up the good work! I am deffenetly interested in this respin!

        • Starbuck2001

          Thanks for the feedback! Yes, Kgames are included for the fun, though dont take much space… By slow you mean startup time? Netrunner is programmed to preload a few things like Firefox (if installed), so it opens really fast from memory. Therefore once the desktop is fully loaded, it should be fast and responsive with the cost of a little more startup time. More feedback welcomed, as we work on getting 64bit ready and then streamline both systems to reduce startup time and ISO size as much as possible.

  • Susan

    Interesting. But why do you use a completely different base system? With a completely different package management? I’d expected and preferred Netrunner Rolling to be based on some rolling Debian distribution…

    • Starbuck2001

      Hi Susan, we have looked into Debian as well and decided to go with Arch, which to us seems better suited for a Rolling Release model, while Ubuntu/Debian is better for the standard model.

      • Eduardo Campos


      • Susan

        Well, I don’t know if Arch really is better suited for rolling, I’m using siduction, based on Debian Sid, which is rolling, LMDE, based on Debian Testing, is rolling too. It is just uncommon, alt least for me, that a distribution is using two bases.

  • mansy net

    so great and best wishes

  • Cristiano Arcari

    The grub boot malfunctions, to boot the O.S., always use the installation disc.

  • Eduardo Campos

    First time I see netrunner as an interesting distro to use.

  • Eric

    Tis no good without a 64 bit edition so I’ll wait for a 64-bit dvd/usb to try this spin out, also how would basing it on straight plain arch be? Manjaro makes you a bit too dependant on Manjaro’s success or failure and unlike Ubuntu Manjari is small and a personal endeavour vs a company invested endeavour.
    I’d really prefer an arch flavour be based on Antergos or just plain vanilla arch unless you merge with Manjaro to help both projects double in manpower and passion.

    • Starbuck2001

      Hi Eric, of course the idea is to help Manajro and vice versa because Rolling is based on it, but wouldn’t the same be true for Antergos? A completely arch based Netrunner is not planned, as we focus on developing KDE further, like Plasma Next, KWIN (Wayland), Homerun Kicker (which was developed by Blue Systems, is 100% free in and used by various distros like Manjaro now default), SDDM, Thus installer, etc.

  • n0de

    Now that’s a nice move! Wonderful to hear the ditch of Ubuntu! 🙂 I’ll wait for the 64-bit version. Until then my favorite KDE distro is still Tanglu, after netrunner 64-bit rolling Manjaro KDE – who knows! 🙂

    • Matthias Schuster Scharmer 😉

      • n0de

        Tried that one, has to mature a bit. In other words there has to be more software for KDE 🙂 for example Inkscape could be rewritten in Qt

        • Matthias Schuster Scharmer

          There is already Karbon, so its maybe meaningful to improve that instead.

  • Anioanna

    Hello , i didn’t know where else to post . I got the message ,
    Your forum account is currently banned.
    Ban Reason: Automatically banned by the Akismet system for spamming, after posting . Can you please unban me?
    My username is Narya.
    Thank you in advance

    • Starbuck2001

      should work normally again.

  • Marcello Tescari

    Will this release have the kde-firefox integration as in kubuntu/netrunner-ubuntubased and will it be immediately synced with firefox new releases?

  • RibShark

    I would use this if there was a 64-bit version. I don’t understand why that is so difficult to release.

    • Starbuck2001

      Because it needs to be tested again as slightly different packages are to be installed (UEFI, etc.).

  • Adi Iţă

    It’s me again! I noticed that the “Web accounts” is missing from the arch edition. Will they be added in a future update?

    • Starbuck2001

      Hi Adi, did you check under System Settings — Social Accounts?
      If it is missing with an error, just start Octopi (Add/Remove Software), reload/update the software list, then search for “webaccounts” and update package (if it says database locked, simply try again and it should work). The actual version is 0+git20140408.61(…) and should install all necessary files to make it work.

      • Adi Iţă

        (big facepalm) ok, sorry, I haven’t seen it there…
        P.S.: No errors, it works fine 🙂

  • izzyvp

    What about AUR??

    • Starbuck2001

      Works nicely under Netrunner: Start Octopi and select YAOURT…

      • Ralph Bromley

        and recompile for each update taking half a century to do….

  • dimitarconkov

    Hello from balgariya.Ot three months’m linuks.Mnogo Netrunner.Zatova I liked and I expect the release of the 64bit version.

  • David

    Congratulations on this system works very well. I support to spread more!!

    Greetings from Argentina.

    • Mostafa Dkhissi

      Hi David,
      I loved your desktop style! What theme do you use ?

      • Matthias Schuster Scharmer

        The Icons are Flattr, the rest is default afaik. 🙂

  • Ralph Bromley

    Gah should have went debian, at least you dont have to recompile a package every time you update in that.

    • Starbuck2001

      Hey Ralph, we try to deliver all packages in binary form either from manjaro or blueshell repositories. As with Ubuntu/Debian, there are also many more user-provided-repositories with binaries out there, comparable to PPAs. Here is a list:
      Suggest us some packages that are essential and missing and not available in binary form and post the list in the forums so we have a look and think about adding them as binaries for you and others in blueshell repo.

  • Bidinou

    Hi ! This is really promising ! After years of distro and DE hopping, I got quite confident about KDE development philosophy and think Arch / Manjaro is a great base. Just one note : why did you tweak the look of KDE like this ? Fonts are so HUUGE it’s crazy, windows decorations looks really strange (those are from Gnome 3). There is a strange mix of styles while the KDE defaults are pretty good (KDE UI elements are usually quite fine / thin). Can you please look into it ? I know this can be changed afterwards but still 🙂

    This could be the new distro of choice now that Kubuntu became a community distro (no proper Firefox integration etc). Did you look into proper MIMETYPES integration between Thunderbird and KDE ? (big issue in Kubuntu)

    • planhths

      I think that netrunner custom settings is one of the best things in netrunner! They help netrunner set it’s own identity, along with its beautiful artwork. From now own I will never use a de with tiny fonts.

  • Oliver Umrel

    The mysqld process takes 50 megs more than in the debian 32-bit netrunner (only 20 meg footprint). Why is that? It seems to be a lot more.

  • Holle Honig

    hey folks, i think the rolling thingie it’s a great idea! i’ve always had an eye with a rolling distro and/or arch linux and i’ll definitely take this opportunity to give it a shot!

    thanks for your work so far, netrunner is what i (as a, let’s say bored kubuntu user) was looking for for months.

  • Kofi Amponsa

    hi, i installed this on a lenovo t410 but noticed that the system could
    not resume from sleep or suspend. how do i solve this problem ?

    • Starbuck2001

      Hi Kofi, please use the forum, you might be helped there, thanks.

  • Razvan Toma

    64 bits after first update doesn’t start enymore… I used fresh install.

    • Starbuck2001

      Hi Razvan,
      please report this issue in our forums, we can try help you there, thanks.