Netrunner Rolling 64bit released

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Following 32bit, today we released the 64bit version of Netrunner Rolling Release 2014.04 with bascially the same features:
SDDM Login Manager, Octopi (Qt-based Frontend for pacman), Thus installer, Linux kernel 3.10.33, KDE Plasma 4.12.3, Firefox 28.0, Thunderbird 24.4, VLC 2.1.4, LibreOffice 4.2, Skype 4.2, Steam, VirtualBox, Grub Customizer, webaccounts, sambamounter, vokoscreen, Kamoso webcam tool and Marble.

For a more complete list check out our Rolling Overview page.

You can find the ISO as always in our download section.

  • David Evans

    so is this a fork in the path or is the enigma(debian) netruner going to stop being suported in preferance for roling (arch) as of now ?

    • Starbuck2001

      Hi David, our Standard (debian based) version will continue as normal: Next version LTS following up Enigma is going to be called Netrunner Frontier 🙂

      • Ariel

        Some roadmap ?

  • Alessandro Longo

    Great work! Downloading… Now I’m undecided between Chakra Linux and Netrunner Rolling to install on my notebook as main os…!

    • teolinux

      me too. I’ll give a try to both,

  • Cristiano Arcari

    Very nice distro, works very well, better than Manjaro, congratulations 🙂

  • Orbmiser

    Kudos! as a SolydXK Debian user but this may even be a better fit.
    Downing now!

  • planhths

    Very nice release! Great job. Some things I noticed:
    * qt apps dont use oxygen theme by default
    * no splash screen appearing
    * during first upgrade there were file conflicts for package “ca-certificates”
    * okular doesn’t appear in the menu
    * nice artwork
    * and very good collection of default applications!

    • Starbuck2001

      Hi planhths,
      thanks for reporting back, here are some answers:
      * qt apps= octopi is known to not abide qtstyle, any other app you noticed?
      * splash screen is set to none
      * “ca-certificates” is a mess due to heartbleed, we tried to fix it as best as possible, but it could be updated again, so we will post information or help in the forums should it cause trouble…

      • planhths

        yes you are right, its just octopi. Thanks for answering my questions!

    • planhths

      A couple more things:
      * zoom in and out cursor states are too big
      * plymouth screen is not working (although it says “[OK] Starting plymouth” when booting)
      * flash videos blinking or all black
      and some other minor annoyances like speakers get muted when plugging out earphones (can be fixed only by alsamixer) and sddm on one or two occations it failed to start and I had to kill the xserver.

      • James Kittsmiller

        plymouth is set to none for the splash screen to fix type sudo plymouth-set-default-theme -R netrunner-logo in the terminal, then reboot and you’ll see plymouth..

  • msx


  • Martijn Kruik

    This system looks great. I did use manjaro before. How do I update this system? I can not find an updater. I did make an update with the terminal. But that is not what I want.

    • Starbuck2001

      start octopi (the green pacman in the menu favorites sidebar), then look in the status bar for the red icon and a number indicating the available package updates, dropdown and pick install.

      • James Kittsmiller

        From a terminal (F12 is easiest) type:
        pacman -S octopi-notifier
        this will give you a icon in your tray for update notifications, etc.

  • Garth Davison

    Manjaro in my view has been the best of the best NO QUESTION and Arch with it’s user repos is vast….Manjaro with the best hardware detection EVER no question..I’ve always disliked KDE but I think that Netrunner has the best implementation of this desktop..And now the two have got together..I have now installed this over my Manjaro distro and what a joy it is to use…If all of you want this I would suggest you upgrade to the 3.13.10 kernel…This wont change anything but will make your system even more stable than it is..Once you’ve updated paste this command into the terminal..This keeps your original should you have to fall back on it but after reboot uses the new one( sudo mhwd-kernel -i linux313 ) then reboot…sudo apt-get has gone YAY thank god for that Arch is easy with Manjaro and Netrunner you’ll not look back..I just want to thank the guys at Netrunner and Manjaro for making what could possibly be the killer distro..Alot are talking about it you both deserve a pat on the word WOW!!!

    • Sylweriusz Szydlik

      Why not linux314, is it less stable?

      • James Kittsmiller

        No Linux 314 is very stable, but at the time wasn’t in the repo yet.

        To Install: mhwd-kernel -i linux314

        to Upgrade: mhwd-kernel -i linux314 rmc

  • Ariel

    This Manjaro-Netrunner combination is interesting. But …
    Can’t wait to see the next release of the regular version !

  • Gregor


    I’d like to install Netrunner Rolling x64 on my laptop with Windows (dual boot). I can easly install Manjaro and have few other distros in past, but Netrunner hangs after manual configuration of partitions and mount points.

    I do confirm changes to hard disk in dialog, I can go back, but can’t push it forward to choose my user name and continue.

    Did anyone experienced problems with installation with custom partitions? Could You help me or point me article with workaround instructions, please.

    • Starbuck2001

      Hi Gregor,
      please open a topic in the forums, we might help you there, thanks.

      • Gregor

        One more thing, how often will there be new iso images of rolling edition (snapshots) released?

        • Starbuck2001

          each 2-3 months, new snapshots are planned

  • Ariel

    What about a Stealth Edition with updated desktop interface and software (reported to 13.06 SE), based on Kubuntu 14.04? This would be interesting, too. I hope you’ll give an answer, at least this time. Thanks.

  • Santosh Subramanian

    Thank you for a snappy KDE. I love it.
    I just have one question – I can’t seem to find Virtualbox. I have a fresh install of Netrunner and I just updated it.
    Ofcourse, I can install it via Octopi, but just wondering if Virtualbox was part of the snapshot?

  • Mike

    Thanks so much for making an Arch based distro! Pacman and AUR are incredibly useful and superior to other distro offerings in my opinion. Great job on this rolling release!

  • technomancer

    This is one of the best Netrunner I have ever used. Great work, I like it more than Netrunner 17 Horizon. Very nice and never need to reinstall ! AWESOME. Thank you Netrunner Team !