Netrunner Core 16.09 “Avalon”


After a one year period of extended testing, the Netrunner team is proud to release Netrunner 16.09 Core (“Avalon”).

What is Netrunner CORE?

Core is a reduced basic version of the full Desktop version, and therefore provides only a few essential applications on top of Plasma Desktop.
Netrunner Core, like Netrunner Desktop, is based on Debian Jessie/Stable, but with the latest Qt, Plasma, KDE Framework and KDE Applications.

Here is an overview of the CORE features:

  • Based on Debian Jessie/Stable
  • Ships KDE versions of: Plasma 5.7.5 / Frameworks 5.27 / KDE Applications 16.04 / Qt 5.7.0
  • NoVNC pre-installed (simply open a browser and go to “live-pc:5900”, username:live/pwd:live to access Netrunner Core from your browser)
  • Plasma Services KCM: Easy to activate/deactivate Core Plasma Services, like Kwallet, Akonadi or Baloo
  • Simple Menu: A new menu that resembles ChromeOS for fast browsing the available applications
  • A reduced selection of pre-installed CORE apps, including but not limited to Dolphin, Firefox, Gwenview, Synaptic, Update Manager

CORE as 64bit ISO & ARMv7 IMG for Odroid C1

Besides the 64bit ISO version, we also provide Netrunner CORE as an ARMv7 image for the Odroid C1/C1+ Microcomputer.

It is streamlined down to approx. 350MB memory useage and showcases that KDE Plasma is a great and responsive DE on any low-spec (arm or x86) computing device.

The ISO and IMG are available immediately in our Download section.