Netrunner Rolling 2017.07 released

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The Netrunner Team is happy to announce the release of Netrunner Rolling 2017.07 – 64bit ISO.

That means 18 months after its last release, Netrunner is now available again on the two biggest non-commercial, community-driven distributions: Debian and Arch/Manjaro.

Like with the Debian version, our plan is to release an updated install medium regularely 3-4 x times a year.

What’s new?

Compared to the 2016.01 version which featured KDE Plasma 5.5.4, Qt5.5.1 and Firefox 44 at that time, here is what’s changed:

KDE Plasma 5.10.3
KDE Frameworks 5.35
KDE Applications 17.04.2
Linux Kernel 4.11.8
Firefox 54.0.1
Thunderbird 52.2.1
LibreOffice 5.2.7
and many more…

While it would be possible to simply update a previously installed system due to its continuously rolling nature, we recommend a fresh install.

Some things rolled in and out

As with the Debian based version, SMPlayer is the new default media player.

We also got KDE Neon’s new Imagewriter in, replacing Suse’s imagewriter.

Otherwise this version features the same mix of applications, configs and settings that its precedessors did before.

You can get the Netrunner Rolling ISO from our Download page here.

  • TheKronenbourgKid

    WOO HOO!! This has made my day 😀

  • Carlos Felipe Araújo

    Homemade design, c’mon guys, hire a desginer, the start menu is horrible and the distro in general is a

    • F Robert Jack

      Carlos, how bout you reach for your checkbook and fork over a donation big enough to hire their own designer.

      • Carlos Felipe Araújo

        I’d rather help the KDE team by now, no offense, eventually I support other projects when they show me their valor. I’m cheering for. And as I told, they can use the original kde artwork instead, isn’t a sin.

    • Brian

      If you don’t like the start dashboard…right click and select Alternatives. Select another. The start menu is one of the ncluded KDE options. It is not something they ‘designed’. Netrunner is a very nice KDE spin compared to 99% of the ones out there. It also uses about 100MB ram less than Kubuntu based distros. In addition, their default artwork inclusion is typically much better than your ‘average’ distro. Unsure what you are referring to as a hodgepodge. Would you care to elaborate? It even offers Software to install from. As an arch based distribution – this is a much ‘easier’ solution to the end user than octopi/pamac.

      • Carlos Felipe Araújo

        I did, but first impression always matters, this release is great and I’m happy to see GNOME’s App Store, my opinion is just an opinion, not the absolute truth. cheers

    • Mikkle

      The only stock wallpaper that KDE ships with is objectively very ugly, and much uglier than the wallpapers on display here. But I agree that they should stick with stock plasma and color scheme, and stock icon theme. But in the end, who cares, it can all be changed to stock in a less than 20 seconds.

      (For differentiation, I would prefer small changes to the stock themes (like matching titlebar and window background colors), better toolbar defaults, customized panel including e.g. top placement, and a few other small tweaks here and there.)

  • Ralph Bromley

    I thought it died, welcome back!

  • bill_mcgonigle

    I’m a potential new user. Can somebody help with this:?

    “While it would be possible to simply update a previously installed system due to its continuously rolling nature, we recommend a fresh install.”

    Why would anybody recommend a fresh install? That seems so much harder than just updating. Is there something about the rolling release model that doesn’t work right?

  • Greg Zeng

    History shows five (5) versions of Manjaro, but only three (3) are currently still alive. All are based on the latest KDE desktop environment.
    Netrunner has moved very far from its origins: a simple KUBUNTU-base (1). Then came another simultaneous base, from Manjaro (2).

    Then there seems to be an internal dispute within Netrunner, so Netrunner was forked to “KDE NEON” (3), based on the now abandoned (by Netrunner) on the Kubuntu as originally. Ten a few days ago, they released the Debian-based Manjaro (4).

    Manjaro proved so troublesome, that now they have abandoned that now, for Arch-based (5), instead of the Manjaro-base. So many forks of Arch exist now. Manjaro must be troublesome for so many distribution creators?

  • Sean Con

    seriously people? I was forced to move to manjaro, then to arch , now netrunner’s back. i feel like a cheating girlfriend coming back.
    can i trust on you guys?

    • Starbuck2001

      We underwent a huge transition away from Ubuntu to Debian, and with hintsight of Ubuntu recently ditching anything Qt-related it was probably for good. Imo it’s still very early in the Linux Timeline to desktop computing domination, so changes, interruptions are normal. And with potential App Bundles, it will be interesting for the distribution landscape again. Our goal is to provide Netrunner on a safe and reliable base with either Debian or Arch.

      • Sean Con

        can you tell me how different it is from manjaro and arch? what has netrunner done apart from copying the mentioned so-s ? i would like to get back to netrunner because manjaros suport is very – uh – unfriendly. but tell me please, if there are some other differences.

    • Phil Ram

      hahaaa . I never gave up hopeing. Still using my old Netrunner Rolling installation on my desktop.

  • Health Fitness

    How to adjust this for a 4K TV? (Make everything bigger)

    • George Mamar

      Display settings -> scale display?

  • Ievgen Sobko

    What might be cause for such distortion in desktop context menu?
    Only reproducible on the desktop.

    • George Mamar

      You might want to post it to r/kde as well

  • George Mamar

    I’m confused. Is this Arch- or Manjaro-based now?

    • Starbuck2001

      Manjaro, which itself is Arch/AUR based/compatible.

      • Wojciech

        I don’t get it. You abandoned Arch/Manjaro based version….

  • Kurt Weinschenker

    JMO, but I seem to recall the Kubuntu project underwent some significant leadership disputes. You’ll have to convince me better concerning “an internal dispute within Netrunner” as I have installed several Debian-based apps on Maui without much fuss or muss. If more experienced folks want to chime in, feel free, as by no stretch of the imagination do I consider myself a “Linux expert.”

    As mentioned by Starbuck2000, Ubuntu’s move away from Qt-based apps (which apparently the team caught on to before it actually happened) didn’t help matters much.

    I switched to Maui from Netrunner at that time of the Kubuntu leadership tussle, not fully understanding the implications. That being said, I’m certain either flavor of Netrunner or Maui will satisfy many Linux users.

  • notthenewsreader

    Hey guys when is the next rolling ISO being released? or is there a ‘testing’ ISO?

  • Team Azimech

    So why haven’t you guys updated your site after the recent NetRunner Debian update? Is this project over? Should users of your OS’s just move on?

  • James Kittsmiller

    Updated ISO will coming soon. There’s just a couple of plugins we use for Firefox 57 that need to be finished updating to the new WebExtensions. As well as a few other minor annoyances we a working out. However, this is a rolling distribution, there is no reason to reinstall an already running system, practically ever. Right before the new ISO gets released, all packages from Netrunner and Manjaro will be updated to the same versions that will be shipped on the new ISO. In other words, you will get them first.

  • Sachin

    Can i install this os in my pendrive so that i can use it directly from pendrive rather than installing in laptop?