Upgrade Script Netrunner 16 -> 17

These instructions upgrade Netrunner 16 to Netrunner 17




Please use at your own risk and make sure to make a backup of your personal data first before attempting the upgrade.
On a btrfs partition it is highly recommend to create a snapshot of your current filesystem state. You can do so with the command

    sudo btrfs subvolume snapshot / /@_snapshot

To perform the upgrade, open a terminal (yakuake or konsole) and type the following commands:

wget http://pub.netrunner-os.com/upgrade-16_to_17.sh

chmod a+xr upgrade-16_to_17.sh

sudo ./upgrade-16_to_17.sh 2>&1 | tee upgrade.log

During the upgrade, you’ll see a lot of information appear in the terminal and you might see a few warnings/errors. As long as they don’t halt the upgrade, you can ignore them.
If you get asked about restarting services accept it. Krunner and or kdeinit5 might crash due to the update and present dr. konqui crash dialogs. It is safe to close them.

The upgrade may take a while (up to 1:30 hours, depending on your machine and you Internet connection), so be prepared for that.


The default ozymandias wallpaper will be replaced with the default Plasma 5 one if you still have that set. If you want to keep the old Ozymandias wallpaper make sure to save it from /usr/share/wallpapers.

If you use the default panel it might be that the upgrade will provide you with a double volume control mixer (one in the tray and one on the panel). If you can’t disable the one in the tray try recreating the panel by removing the old one and right clicking on the desktop to create a new default panel.

If you encounter any upgrade problems please report them in the forum together with your list of activated repositories and the upgrade.log created by the last command listed here.