Netrunner Rolling 2018.01 released

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The Netrunner Team is happy to announce the release of Netrunner Rolling 2018.01 – 64bit ISO.

What’s new?

Compared to the 2017.07 version here are the main changes:

KDE Plasma 5.11.5
KDE Frameworks 5.41
KDE Applications 17.12
Qt 5.10
Linux Kernel 4.14
Firefox Quantum 57.0
Thunderbird 52.5
LibreOffice 5.3
and many more…

Stream Free World-wide radio channels with YaRock.

For the first time, we ship Yarock, a Qt-based music player which also happens to greatly support a wide selection of free online Radio stations.

A nice bonus feature is when clicking on any artist or songname during play will automatically open the browser and perform a search.

Suse’s imagewriter is back, as is the Firefox Pre-Load to make the browser appear almost in an instant when clicked.

Discover is back

Discover also re-enters the default list of applications with its integrated update feature via packagekit/appstream.

Streamlined System Settings

Using the new sidebar Layout, we resorted the various modules so now almost all theming related settings can now be found under “Plasma Tweaks”.

This version further comes with some tweaked FX, updated theme and a bunch of new artwork while featuring the same mix of applications, configs and settings as its predecessor.

You can get the latest Netrunner Rolling ISO from our Download page here.

We hope you enjoy it and share your feedback in our forums.

  • Добрый Песец

    when in kde 5 there will be an adequate screensaver?

    • Jose Ramirez

      Screensavers are so 90s.

      • Daniel


  • Daniel

    Before I try it for the first time…
    Can someone please tell me if in this version of KDE Plasma is finally possible to see the date of when a file was created, as we can see it in Windows ?
    I’m asking if it is displayed in the file properties window in the file manager.

  • dostana

    Beautiful, i like netrunner team they do good job. Earlier used netrunner but it response lagging. Let me give it a try on my new acer aspire 3 AMD -A9 with R5 graphic. Hope it will not freeze as most of known distros freezed except ubuntu 17.10 but also sluggish.

  • Linux User & Developer

    Hello, would it be possible to get a hi-res version of the Netrunner logo please for print? We’re covering it in the next issue of the magazine. If you could email us on linuxuser @ futurenet DOT com. We’d need it ASAP. Cheers!