Netrunner Rolling 2015.09 – 32 & 64bit released

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The Netrunner Team is proud to announce the release of Netrunner Rolling 2015.09 – 32bit and 64bit versions.


Netrunner Rolling 2015.09 is based on Manjaro KDE 15.09 and has gotten a complete overhaul:
The desktop transitioned from KDE4 to Plasma5 together with KDE Applications 15.08 and hundreds of packages updated to their latest versions.
Calamares is now used as the default Installer.
LibreOffice and VirtualBox now ship in their 5.-versions.
Gmusicbrowser has been finetuned to load and display large music collections in an efficient and easy way, automatically adding album covers from the internet.

The Look and Feel is now a refurbished mix of Breeze and classic Oxygen.


Here are the Release Notes:


Linux Kernel 4.1.9
Plasma 5.4.1
Frameworks 5.14 (using Qt5.5)
KDE Applications 15.08.1
LibreOffice 5
Virtualbox 5
Kontact 5
Firefox 41.0
Thunderbird 38.3
Gmusicbrowser 1.15
VLC 2.2.1
Cheese 3.16
and many more…


You can get the ISOs from our Download section.

  • Sergio E. Durán

    Hey and why you have not used my suggestions?

  • dr04

    I have some bug – in russian installed system can’t login in kdm, can’t swith to english keymap. English keymap very needed because can’t type password and other login in tty, type in bash – many problems.

    • Starbuck2001

      Hi dr04,
      can you post this in the forums, so we can investigate further, thanks!

      • dr04

        good i go search forum

  • رمزي الجزائري

    good look

    • Starbuck2001

      Thanks. Its various Plasma Themes and Decos in the shots.

  • Ken Miller

    Congrats on the release. 🙂

    • Starbuck2001

      Thanks, Ken!

  • william

    i like the rolling release of netrunner i wish there was a debian rolling release of netrunner

  • Open Source Feed

    A release feed for Netrunner Rolling 15.09 is added here.

    Thanks & Regards

  • Walker17x

    You should update the ISO every month

    • Starbuck2001

      Hi Walker,
      yes, for the transition though we waited until Manjaro 15.09 officially released first.

      • phizumo

        wish there was a debian rolling release of netrunner

        • Orbmiser

          There is a semi-rolling based on Debian Testing called SolydXK I believe. One I use to use awhile back. Pretty solid and trouble free. Kind of like Manjaro in that they delay testing packages and check before releasing as update pack. Tho don’t know what their state is now.


          • Michael Tunnell

            SolydXK is pretty much a useless husk these days. Almost a year ago, they announced that they will no longer be based on testing and are stable branch only. This also means the semi-rolling aspect of the update packs is completely dead.

            You may be thinking, “what is the point of it existing if it is just basically nothing more than the default offering of Debian?”. That’s a good question and I have no freaking idea.


          • Orbmiser

            Well there is the official which is based on stable. But the EE (Enthusiast Edition) is based on Testing branch. Tho haven’t been keeping up with the distro.

  • teolinux

    How do I update my rolling release? It doesn’t update automatically with octopi. I also try to manual force install plasma 5.4 but didn’t work

  • Sebastian Alberto Noda

    como hago para cambiar el kernel? , es que este tiene problemas con mi placa de video , gracias y muy buen trabajo¡

    • Jamin Fernandez

      Entra en Manjaro Setting Manager

  • Ariel

    The Wizards of KDE. Much appreciated. Thanks.

  • Alan Crandall

    am running Netrunner 14.2 x64 and installed 2019.09 x64 on Vmplayer.Did not like it as I could not install superkaramba/cairo-dock !
    Those 2 are the first to be installed on my distros.Gimp and Bleachbit did install either ?
    Plasma,unless it changes will never be installed on my machine,virtual or not
    Sure hope KDE will still be an option ?

    • Starbuck2001

      Hello Alan,
      welcome and thanks for giving 2015.09 a try (note that VMPlayer is not very well supported, Virtualbox works better for testing).
      Gimp should be already included in 2015.09, did you see its icon in the menu under “Graphics”?
      Now superkaramba was providing widgets back in kde3.5 days:
      Nowadays Widgets and Plasmoids are offically supported out-of-the-box in Plasma 5 (which is the successor for “KDE4”, hence Plasma 5 is what the “KDE Desktop” is called, so it continues to be _the_ option in Netrunner, for more info read here:
      Hope I could help out and if you have any particular things you miss in Plasma5, just let us know in the ideas section of the forums:

      • Alan Crandall

        I had some wrong phrases in the above.When I meant did not install,the mentioned programs were not listed in muon discover ! Now on past distros of Netrunner,if I searched for Gimp on muon discover,it would show it was installed.But not this distro. I also have Ozymandias installed on Vmplayer and it works just fine.I thought Ozymandias was the first to use Plasma ? Thanks for the reply 🙂

        • Starbuck2001

          If you try Netrunner Rolling in LIVE mode on VMWare, Muon Discover (or rather package manager behind it) needs some time to initialize/sync the whole list of available packages (like xapian-indexing on apt-systems). Therefore it could be that Gimp and other programs doesn’t get listed right after start. On an installed system, Discover also needs a one-time initialization, but then should show Gimp exactly like you described as installed (red arrow mark).

  • planhths

    Hello, and thank you for this great release!
    unfortunetely sometimes I login to a black screen (plasmashell is started, but doesnt show up) and the only unusuall error I get is: “KActivities: FATAL ERROR: Failed to contact the activity manager daemon” In Xsession-errors

    • Starbuck2001

      Hi planhths, please post your error in the forums so we can look into it, thanks.

    • planhths

      Hey, I was going to, but after the 5.4.2 upgrade, I haven’t hit the same problem yet. If it happens again though, I will.

  • phizumo

    The release is great guys, do you ever consider also trying to make xfce or lxde or openbox version [for people with need for lighter environment for work/gaming and maybe BFS kernel patch and for low pc specs user machines]

    and also >> wish there was a debian rolling release of netrunner

    • Solaire Di Astora

      Would you also like an arch LTS release of netrunner?

      Onestly, I love the choice they made since Arch is the most “stable” rolling distro you can have.
      I think they want to pick the best from each distro because when it comes to stability, Debian is the best of the best you may think at. But the price you pay with Debian is that you have really old software but also really stable (until you start adding a lot of unsafe repositories turning, this way, your stable distro into a testing distro without even being aware of it)

      On the other hand, a Debian rolling release is the most unstable distro you may think at.
      I think it would be a real pain in the ass for the developers.
      I think this is why you only have Arch rolling release of netrunner. I use Archlinux from 2 years and surprisingly it hasn’t anything that makes me remember I’m using a rolling distro of linux.

      I still cannot explain to me why this happens….but I think this perfectly explains why they choosed Debian for the stable branch and Arch for the rolling one.

      Don’t you agree?

    • Greg Zeng

      “debian rolling release of netrunner” — is based on Kubuntu, as described on this web site.
      “Netrunner 14.2 LTS – 32bit and 64bit ISO”

      It has an update icon that you can paste on your desktop. So you can choose when & what you update easily. In the past I found these updates quicker, easier and better than the Manjaro versions of Netrunner. I will test again now, to see if it is still true. It used to be so for the latest Linux kernel, both stable & unstable.

  • jim2011

    Thanks! Very friendly Arch-based OS (!) that’s as easy as Ubuntu to install. Running fine so far on a USB stick. Much love for Yakuake & Krunner.

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