Netrunner 15 – Prometheus (64bit)

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We are proud to announce the official release of Netrunner 15 – Prometheus (64bit).
Netrunner 15 is revised from the ground up: For the first time, it officially ships the new KDE Plasma Desktop 5.2.
Therefore, an upgrade from previous Netrunner series with KDE4.x is neither officially available nor really recommended.
This release is 64-bit only.
(Note that KDE4.x based Frontier 14 will be available and supported until 2016 for 32bit and 64bit).

Catching Fire!

Being named after the “God of Fire“, Netrunner 15 is coming straight from the roaster!
We took many extra steps to make sure Prometheus feels as comfortable and enjoyable as you would expect from using a previously released Netrunner version.
There are certainly some hot corners left here and there, so be prepare to get some burning while warming your heart 🙂
If you spot any of those corners, please report them over at github, so we can fix them.

What is new?


This release features the brand new KDE Plasma Desktop 5.2, packed together with the freshly released KDE Frameworks 5.7 and Qt5.4.

It takes the classic Oxygen themeing and adds a little Breeze into a mix of tradition and modern looks.

All previous Settings and Add-Ons have been restored to work in this new environment.


A New Mix


With Netrunner 15 we took the chance to ship a revised set of applications: Most of them are updated to their latest versions and some new thrown in for the fun of trying out something different.

Sddm is now the default login manager.

Thunderbird-Plasma has been added together with Firefox-Plasma:

Going ahead, we split radio, music librarian and online searching of music into three dedicated applications:

Gmusicbrowser is for your local music with an excellent indexing and search mechanism even with large collections

Atraci covers online music search

Radiotray is for minimal and unobstrusive radio listening

For screencasts we included SimpleScreenRecording and Handbrake to help you convert videos to any output format.

Disks is added as a great utility that allows formating or burning ISOs onto any connected device like usb sticks.

Most well-known applications from previous releases have been updated to their latest versions, like Skype 4.3, LibreOffice 4.4 and VLC media player.

Changes in an overview (excerpt):

  • Kernel
  • KDE Plasma 5.2
  • KDE Frameworks 5.7
  • Qt5.4
  • Firefox 35.0.1
  • Thunderbird 31.4.0
  • VLC 2.2.0
  • LibreOffice 4.4
  • Krita & Karbon 2.8.5
  • Gimp 2.8.10
  • Pidgin 2.10.9
  • and much more…

You can get the Netrunner 15 Prometheus ISO at our Download Page .
Since this is our first shipment of the new KDE Plasma 5.2 Desktop, please let us know your thoughts  in the comments, report an issue straight to github or go to our Forums page:

  • Kevin Park

    Hello, I’ve booted up Netrunner 15 on Vmware Workstation 11, nothing displays except the mouse cursor. This might be the SDDM problem. In previous releases, they’ve used KDM for display manager, so the desktop was loading correctly on previous releases. It seems the SDDM doesn’t support Vmware Workstation 11.

    • Starbuck2001

      Hi, is this LIVE mode not showing up on VMWare?
      Generally, can you try use VirtualBox?

      • Kevin Park

        Actually, I don’t have virtualbox installed on my system because the virtualbox is little bit buggy. The LIVE mode works perfectly after I’ve disabled 3D acceleration on VMWare.

    • jon_downfromthetrees

      On first boot for me, not in a VM, the screen did not change for a long several seconds after I hit the return key after entering the password. I.e., no feedback the password had been accepted or rejected. Then, the screen went black with a cursor for another long several seconds (long enough for me to hit the power key thinking the machine had locked).

      I haven’t seen this on subsequent logins and reboots, so perhaps it was down to the new system being busy after a first boot. I’ve also switched to the standard Breeze login screen.

      • Starbuck2001

        Yes, first login is always to initialize a lot of the underlying system. Hopefully, this can be further streamlined in subsequent Plasma or Frameworks releases, like there will be a new akonadi-qt5 version in the future. What most distros do is enable some ksplash theme to hide the long black screen transition visually.

    • Leszek

      Try disabling 3D acceleration in the virtual machine. This is what made it work for people having the same issue on virtual box. As far as I remember by default virtualbox does not enable 3D. I am not sure about VMWare however.

  • Real_PTR

    Hey, how long you guys are planning to support N15 Prometheus?

    • Starbuck2001

      9 months (like regular Kubuntu 14.10).

      • morgan cox

        So does that mean only 5 months left ?

        • Starbuck2001

          Hi Morgan,
          you’re right, but that doesn’t mean that its going to stop working from one point to the other (think of Windows XP). Also, with moz-plasma you still receive updates of the browser, so you could work with a running system for years, if you don’t need the latest kernel updates for some reason. LTS is for longterm, but there is no LTS for Plasma 5 yet, the first would be Netrunner 18 LTS in 2016, which can be seen in our release schedule:
          Tldr; Netrunner 15 is really for people whose system runs fine after installing and who intend to use it and report back any issues to improve upcoming version.

  • miki

    Nice 🙂 Is VLC 2.2.0 supports hevc (h.265) at N15?

    • Leszek

      It should support most hevc videos but I am not sure about all profiles.

  • vtpoet

    I’m eager to try Netrunjner/Plasma 5 but the short support period really makes me hesitate. I’m also not sure about the “Beijing Smog” desktop theme, but then even moderately aesthetic good sense has never been Netrunner’s strong suit. 🙂

    • Starbuck2001

      Luckily KDE Plasma is easy to customize 🙂 So what is your favorite theme so we get a clue what to consider next time?

      • Kraszim

        If I can add my few cents that would be never replacing default theme with something that looks worse. I remember a distro called parsix having a nice few step wizard that was run on the first lunch of the system. It was called kapudan. Kapudan allowed you to pick your wallpaper, theme, icons etc. Nice and handy tool for a first time run. Maybe this is a way for netrunner?

        • Leszek

          looks is something that is very subjective. So asking 50 people how it look will most likely give you 50 different answers.
          Shipping a default and good alternative choices is essentially what we do. A first time running app is something that could very fast annoy users.

        • Starbuck2001

          Hi Kraszim, of course everyone has different taste and that’s why OpenSource is so great! If you prefer the standard look, just try Kubuntu, which ships almost 100% vanilla KDE.

        • jmdennis

          I agree about the look as it is getting worse and worse. I noticed that PISI Linux which I guess was started by those that did Pardus have that same tool on the first setup. I enjoy this and was glad to be able to change things right away. I know in KDE this is easy enough to do but I like having some thing at the start. I know a lot of Linux versions will have some thing start some just to tell you about them and some have tools that make it easier to get a start. I like this idea and glad you brought it up.

      • vtpoet

        Nah, don’t worry, your latest “Beijing Smog” color scheme isn’t going to stop me from using Netrunner. I can’t wait to see the next version. Will it be a burnt fuschia with a semi-focused, androgynous android dissolving into a hyper-spatial, post-modern minimalism? Let me design your next Netrunner desktop. I can do this. Or are we going for a sort of dadaist, neo-Magrite look again? =)

        • Starbuck2001

          We really are open to any suggestions like including themes for upcoming versions (we did with FormaN, Enlightenment, etc. before).

          Especially since most KDE4.x themes need to be adjusted for Plasma5 anyway. So if you point us to some of your favorite theme setups with screenshot under ideas, we will try it out:

    • Ciprian L

      In my opinion it looks sleek and modern. I like it. I’ll give it a try.

  • Noble Hays

    So live disk, virtualbox on a kubuntu 14.04 host. System settings crashes every now and then, and I’m have to logout to see changes made to certain settings (window decorations, icons) Plasma 5 is still a little buggy.

    • Leszek

      I guess it will run better installed. (no matter if on real hardware or virtualbox)
      If you can reproduce the systemsettings crashes constantly please give us a note somehow (either forum or here) so we can fix that up 🙂

      • Benjamin Smith

        I found 2 specific issues with System Settings when running in Virtual Box with an Arch Linux host. I was able to replicate each one 3 times in a row.

        System Settings crashes when I go into Window Decorations.

        The Date & Time module freezes when I change my time zone, then click Apply. I sent it a TERM signal after waiting at least 2 minutes for it to apply my changes, then it closed without saving.

        • Starbuck2001

          Hi Benjamin, thanks for reporting any issues!
          You can also report directly at github to catch the attention of the developers:

          This helps to fix them fast and offer some updates, since we work closely with upstream Kubuntu and KDE.

          • Benjamin Smith

            I will verify that these problems exist outside of Virtual Box, then I will report them.

    • Maksim Muruev

      How you run it in virtualbox? I have just black sreen after boot.

      • Starbuck2001

        For installing and running in VirtualBox allocate 16GB diskspace, 1.5GB VRAM and 64MB GPU RAM.

      • Leszek

        Turn 3D acceleration off in Virtualbox if you have the black screen problem.

  • minda1975

    I have one question. Is Netrunner 15 are stable enough for everyday use on production machine? (sorry for my bad English).

    • Leszek

      This depends mostly on your needs.
      But clearly the more reliable version is 14.1 .
      Just try out 15 and see if it works for you before you decide to install it.

      • Maksim Murujev

        Will it work in VirtualBox? Kubuntu never starts X for me in VB.. probably driver issues.

        • Leszek

          It should work. Just make sure to have 3d acceleration of in the virtual machine. (It is normally by default disabled)

          • Maksim Muruev

            Yep. it works now. But does it mean that no 3D support at all? And another question why still use a Synaptic. It’s GTK.. then muon exists?? Weird choice for KDE oriented distro.

          • Starbuck2001

            Hi Maksim,
            Muon Discover = Software Center, so it does not list all single packages. Muon Updater is for updating, so we included Synaptic as one of the best package manager option (we also include Gnome chess, as most gtk-based distros also include vlc media player, which is Qt). For a KDE-centric distro there is KaOS, which is excellent for pure KDE, but leaves you stuck when you need anything else non-KDE.

          • Maksim Muruev

            Yep.. but we have a plain muon not Muon Discover.. it does exactly the same things as Synaptic do. I understand that if Firefox GTK there is almost nothing to do with that … but this is quite different.. here we have Qt alternative. KaOS unfortunately not for human-being.. this is Arch…

  • minda1975

    Thank you, Leszek. I will try 🙂

  • Maksim Murujev

    So no way to upgrade?? Well I don’t care about system packages and about kde4 setups.. but what if I need keep all my stuff like custom /etc files and /var/lib DB and so on?? Setup everything from scratches will be madness.. I belive many users who want save at least their “delta” configs and data files. Is possible make some kind script which will separate user custom setups from default in old netrunner and put it back into new one?

    • Leszek

      That sounds complicated. There is etckeeper which offers a git like versioning system for saving /etc files (most widely used by servers however).
      As a normal home user you would normally just save the /home directory. But as you also want to have packages installed (like I understand it) it will be hard as Netrunner 15 is based on Utopic and not Trusty anymore.

      So no there isn’t an easy upgrade path for this.

      • Maksim Muruev

        Not really even home user require some tinkering in /etc also Then I say packages it doesn’t mean that this shoulbe the same one something like if I have apache and mysql.. but version doesn’t matter. I’ve been thinking about git.. but actually some changes has been maded because update packages how to separate this then?
        I’m thinking about netrunner 14 default packages which provided all configs I suppose.. Scan their configs and compare with current /etc and so on.. and if not equal put it as delta.

    • Benjamin Smith

      You shouldn’t upgrade anyway. Plasma 5 is not stable enough for everyday use yet.

  • waltff

    Does it work with Uefi and secure boot? Just curious, already know about legacy mode. Have this installed on a non uefi computer and it is working great

  • Shane Ramone

    Any idea when we’ll see Plasma 5 on Netrunner Rolling?

    • Benjamin Smith

      Hopefully when it’s stable enough. Netrunner 15 is an unstable mess because Plasma 5 is not ready for stable release yet.

  • Georg Grabler

    Sadly, I can’t boot that one.

    Reason: Screen turns completely black, because I do have a Intel card (HDMI) and a NVidia card (DVI) while the screen is attached to the DVI – It’s an Alianware X51 – old model with Intel 4000 and NVidia 550 TI.

    It’s a common problem: If you don’t add i915.modeset=0 nouveau.modeset=0 to the kernel parameters you just get a black screen at boot and nothing else (it’s caused by KMS, but I never digged deeper than disabling KMS for working around the problem), it happens when you use the native (nvidia) driver and having nouveau and i915 modeset on. If you disable them, it’s perfectly fine, though – the boot does not look that nice.


  • German (Ghermain) Lancheros

    No he podido bootear, bajé 2 veces la ISO y grabe en un DVD y en una USB y no arranca en una Lenovo G-40

  • Cristiano Arcari

    The update manager does not indicate when there are new software updates.

  • David Monroe

    Is Mozilla Plasma still under development? Seems like it’s getting way behind and there’s no activity on the development site.

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